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Under SANLiC, you have access to over 1900 journals from Taylor & Francis Group. You can complement your current content with our collection of archives digitized over 200 years of academic research from our journals to facilitate easy access to valuable, historical research, making it as accessible as reading contemporary articles. These historic discoveries are still impacting modern research, with content in our archives having over 1.3 million citations in the last 5 years!

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  • Perpetual access: continue building your library’s permanent collection of digitized research materials

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Online Journal Archive Subject Collections

Online Archive Subject Collections are ideal for institutions looking for complete subject coverage. Choose from over 32 digitized collections in a range of sizes and disciplines to meet the needs of your users – without the lengthy process of identifying individual titles!

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Custom Online Archive Collections

Custom Archive Collections are perfect for institutions seeking specific content their users are unable to access, undergoing digitization projects or looking to complete their collections. These tailored collections allow you to custom curate the right archive collection for your academic’s needs.

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Modern Archive Pt. II

The Online Archive Collections are split into the Classic Archive, covering research published before 1996, back to the first journal volume where available. The Modern Archive Part I covers more recent scholarship published from 1997-2006.
Introducing the Modern Archive Part II, which picks up where Part I leaves off and covers research published from 2007-2011.

Retrospective Open Access

Retrospective Open Access offers the opportunity to increase the impact and accessibility of your institution’s research by converting previously published articles to open access, increasing both the impact and equitability of your research

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