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    Headline Infographics

     Condensed, graphical representations of research conclusions.

    Field observations of aerosol particles in aircraft takeoff and taxiing plumes: A case study at Kobe Airport, Japan

    Nobuyuki Takegawa (2023)

    An Infographic on Conducting Field Observations of Aircraft Particle Emmissions

    Microfluidic platform for coupled studies of freezing behavior and final effloresced particle morphology in Snomax® containing aqueous droplets

    Margaret L. House & Cari S. Dutcher (2023)

    An Infographic on Microfluidic Platform for Coupled Studies of Freezing Behavior and Final Effloresced Particle Morphology in Snomax® Containing Aqueous Droplets

    Constraining the complex refractive index of black carbon particles using the complex forward-scattering amplitude

    Nobuhiro Moteki, Sho Ohata, Atsushi Yoshida & Kouji Adachi (2023)

    Infographic summarizing a new observational constraint on the complex refractive index of black carbon

    Long-term filter efficiency of mobile air purifiers in school

    Manuel Granzin, Sarah Richter, Jann Schrod, Natalie Schubert & Joachim Curtius (2022)

    Infographic summarizing research on the efficiency of air purifiers during COVID-19

    Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in the workplace: Key findings from a rapid review of the literature

    Jennie Cox, Brian Christensen, Nancy Burton, Kevin H. Dunn, Mikaela Finnegan, Ana Ruess & Cherie Estill (2023)

    Infographic summarizing the results of a literature review about SARS-CoV-2 transmission in the workplace

    Turbulence impacts upon nvPM primary particle size

    Randy Vander Wal, Madhu Singh, Akshay Gharpure, Cindy Choi, Prem Lobo & Greg Smallwood (2022)

    Infographic summarizing research on soot particle size distribution from a jet engine

    Effects of mixing state on water-uptake properties of ammonium sulfate – Organic mixtures

    Patricia N. Razafindrambinina, Kotiba A. Malek, Kristin DiMonte, Joseph Nelson Dawson, Timothy M. Raymond, Dabrina D Dutcher, Miriam Arak Freedman & Akua A. Asa-Awuku (2022)

    Infographic about measuring aerosol water uptake

    Effects of the VACES particle concentrator on secondary organic aerosol and ambient particle composition

    L. M. Wingen, D. A. Herman, A. Keebaugh, G. Montoya, S. R. Renusch, B. J. Finlayson-Pitts & M. T. Kleinman (2022)

    Infographic summarizing research on organic aerosol particles with VACES

    Research Infographics

    Visual summaries of a full research article, communicating background, methods, and key findings at a glance.

    Aerosol photoemission as a versatile tool for nanoparticle surface investigations: Evaluation of metal oxide formation and surface properties of multi-component particles

    Vinzent Olszok, Philipp Rembe & Alfred P. Weber (2024)

    An Infographic on Aerosol Photoemission Spectroscopy: Ambient Pressure Nanoparticle Analysis

    The filtration efficiency of surgical masks for expiratory aerosol and droplets generated by vocal exercises

    Alicja Szczepanska, Joshua Harrison,Brian Saccente-Kennedy, Justice Archer, Natalie A. Watson, Christopher M. Orton, William J. Browne, Ruth Epstein, James D. Calder, Pallav L. Shah, Declan Costello, Bryan R. Bzdek & Jonathan P. Reid (2024)

    An Infographic of Effects of Wearing Surgical Face Masks on Respiratory Particle Emissions

    Fundamentals of low-cost aerosol sensor design and operation

    James Ouimette, W. Patrick Arnott, Philip Laven, Richard Whitwell, Nagarajan Radhakrishnan, Suresh Dhaniyala, Michael Sandink, Jessica Tryner & John Volckens (2024)

    An Infographic on Fundamentals of low-cost aerosol sensor design and operation

    Effects of volatility, viscosity, and non-ideality on particle–particle mixing timescales of secondary organic aerosols

    Meredith Schervish, Neil M Donahue & Manabu Shiraiwa (2023)

    An Infographic on Factors Affecting Particle-Particle Mixing Timescales of Aerosol Populations

    Machine learning predicts bioaerosol trajectories in enclosed environments: Introducing a novel method

    Zhijian Liu, Jiaqi Chu, Zhenzhe Huang, Haochuan Li, Xia Xiao, Junzhou He, Weijie Yang, Xuqiang Shao & Haiyang Liu (2023)

    An Infographic of A Novel Physics–Machine Learning Model to Predict Bioaerosol Trajectories in Enclosed Spaces

    Reactive nitrogen and total organic carbon calibration techniques for the Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer

    Derek J. Price, Alison M. Piasecki, Rishabh U. Shah, Katherine L. Hayden, James B. Burkholder, James M. Roberts & Ann M. Middlebrook (2023)

    An infographic on Towards More Accurate Calibration of Aerosol Mass Spectrometers

    Compact aerosol aggregate model (CA2M): A fast tool to estimate the aerosol properties of fractal-like aggregates

    Cyprien Jourdain, Jonathan P. R. Symonds & Adam M. Boies (2023)

    An infographic on CA2M: A Compact Algorithm to Generate and Measure Nanoscopic Aggregates

    Light absorption and scattering properties of indole secondary organic aerosol prepared under various oxidant and relative humidity conditions

    Vahe J. Baboomian, Quanfu He, Julia Montoya-Aguilera, Nabila Ali, Lauren T. Fleming, Peng Lin, Alexander Laskin, Julia Laskin, Yinon Rudich & Sergey A. Nizkorodov (2023)

    Infographic summarizing the impact of indole secondary organic aerosols on air quality

    Small and large particle limits of the asymmetry parameter for homogeneous, spherical particles

    Kurt Ehlers & Hans Moosmüller (2023)

    Infographic summarizing the results of a research article on the size limits of the aerosol single scattering asymmetry parameter

    In silico investigation of the effect of particle diameter on deposition uniformity in pulmonary drug delivery

    Hyunhong J. Min, Eleanor P. Stride & Stephen J. Payne (2023)

    Infographic summarizing the results of a research article on pulmonary drug delivery

    The use of transmission electron microscopy with scanning mobility particle size spectrometry for an enhanced understanding of the physical characteristics of aerosol particles generated with a flow tube reactor

    Emma C. Tackman, Devon N. Higgins, Devan E. Kerecman, Emily-Jean E. Ott, Murray V. Johnston & Miriam Arak Freedman (2023)

    Infographic summarizing the results of a study investigating the morphology and growth of Aitken Mode aerosols

    Computational and experimental study of aerosol dispersion in a ventilated room

    George H. Downing, Yannis Hardalupas, Justice Archer, Henry E. Symons, Ulas Baran Baloglu, Daniel Schien, Bryan R. Bzdek & Jonathan P. Reid (2023) 

    Infographic summarizing a new model to predict aerosol dispersion in ventilated rooms

    Molecular composition and gas-particle partitioning of indoor cooking aerosol: Insights from a FIGAERO-CIMS and kinetic aerosol modeling

    Catherine G. Masoud, Ying Li, Dongyu S. Wang, Erin F. Katz, Peter F. DeCarlo, Delphine K. Farmer, Marina E. Vance, Manabu Shiraiwa & Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz (2022)

    Infographic showing the results of research investigating indoor cooking aerosols

    Estimating mass-absorption cross-section of ambient black carbon aerosols: Theoretical, empirical, and machine learning models

    Hanyang Li & Andrew A. May (2022)

    Infographic about leveraging machine learning to estimate black carbon in the atmosphere

    Particle volatility, size distribution and PAH/alkyl-PAH profiles during toluene pyrolysis in a flow reactor

    Pengcheng Zhao, Tie Li, Ang Li, Yongzhi Ma, Mingming Fang & Xinling Li (2022)

    Infographic summarizing research on particle properties and factors responsible for soot formation

    Solvent effects on chemical composition and optical properties of extracted secondary brown carbon constituents

    Kunpen Chen, Nilofar Raeofy, Michael Lum, Raphael Mayorga, Megan Woods, Roya Bahreini, Haofei Zhang & Ying-Hsuan Lin (2022)

    Infographic summarizing research on secondary brown carbon

    Measuring size distributions of atmospheric aerosols using natural air ions

    Yiran Li, Xiaotong Chen & Jingkun Jiang (2022)

    Infographic summarizing research on size distributions of atmospheric aerosols

    Video Highlights

    Short videos summarizing an article’s key research findings for a lay audience.

    Comparing respiratory aerosol emissions between children and adults during sustained phonation

    Mahender Singh Rawat, Mehtap Agirsoy, Dinushani Senarathna, Byron D. Erath, Tanvir Ahmed, Sumona Mondal, and Andrea R. Ferro (2023)

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