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‘We are suffering. Nothing is changing.’

Black mothers experience markedly disproportionate maternal morbidity and mortality in the United States, with racism often cited as the root cause manifesting through several pathways.

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The Dog Narratives: Benefits of the Human–Animal Bond for Women With HIV

Companion animals play important roles in the lives of people managing the many symptoms associated with a chronic illness such as HIV. 

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Given its potential for health promotion, there has been growing interest in dance as a therapeutic tool for people living with chronic health conditions (Kiepe et al., Citation2012). There has been particular interest in dance and Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative condition that can lead to increasing physical disability and complex psychosocial challenges.

It is well-known that trans and non-binary individuals experience worse health outcomes due to experiences of violence and discrimination. For this reason, accessible healthcare for trans and non-binary people is crucial. There is a lack of Canadian literature on the experiences of non-binary people within the healthcare system. 

The main objective of this study is to gain knowledge about interactional factors that support and obstruct mutual risk-assessments and shared decision-making (SDM) in clinical consultations. Through a narrative analysis of verbatim transcripts of 28 naturally occurring consultations performed in English National Health Service practices, we explore the ways in which patients and general practitioners conceptualise, construct and negotiate risks related to diagnostic tests and medical treatments.

On June 24, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization,Citation1 overturning Roe v. WadeCitation2 and Planned Parenthood v. CaseyCitation3 and dismantling 50 years of precedent protecting the constitutional right to abortion in the United States. This article explores the likely impacts of the decision within the United States and elsewhere around the world. It draws on the authors’ individual and institutional expertise in international human rights and abortion advocacy and jurisprudence, as well as the Center for Reproductive Rights’ role as lead counsel in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.
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Call for Papers: Digital Age

Want your research to influence the trending discussion of the digital age and big qualitative data? International Journal of Qualitative Studies of Health & Well Being is bringing together a cutting edge article collection featuring topics like artificial intelligence. Don’t miss the deadline of 29 April 2024 to highlight your important work.

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