Mental Health Awareness Month

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This Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to share that it is ok not being ok. Taylor & Francis acknowledges the importance of mental well-being and how we can cope with it. We share an exclusive journal article collection – presenting our resources on mental health work and development. With articles free to access till 31st Aug 2024, begin browsing these articles today.

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Australian Social Work

Australian Mental Health Social Workers’ Experiences of Burnout
by Genevieve Carles, Catherine Stewart & David Hodgson

Explaining Psychological Distress among Men in the Helping Professions: A Serial Mediation Model
by Maya Kagan & Vered Ne’eman-Haviv

Experiences of Mental Health Carers Examined Using a Recovery Framework
by Abner Weng Cheong Poon, Lukas Hofstaetter & Sarah Judd-Lam

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    Student mental health

    Blog: Pandemic Took a Major, Prolonged Toll on University Students’ Mental Health, Finds Study

    Undergraduates at UK universities experienced prolonged and high levels of psychological distress and anxiety during the pandemic, according to a new study, tracking wellbeing over the course of 2020 to 2021. 

    They also reported significantly lower levels of wellbeing, happiness and life satisfaction compared to pre-pandemic levels.  

    Woman on couch feeling sad on her phone

    Blog: Better Regulation of Mental Health ‘Therapies’ Urgently Needed to Protect the Vulnerable

    A rise in psychological pseudoscience is putting people at risk, psychologists have warned, with social media and celebrity endorsements partly to blame.

    Mental health apps, mood-boosting supplements and energy therapies are among the therapies that could do ‘more harm than good’.

    Mental Health

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