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Ecosystems and People
Ecosystems and People addresses biodiversity, ecosystem services, their contributions to quality of life and the way people relate to nature.
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Impact Factor: 5.3
Cite Score: 7.0
Annual Downloads/Views: 376k

Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy
Gold open-access research on sustainability transformations of societal systems to enhance global justice and equal access to energy, mobility, housing, & food.
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Impact Factor: 8.5
Cite Score: 8.8
Annual Downloads/Views: 270k

International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability
Research advancing understanding and practice of agricultural sustainability and transformation, agroecology, and related technologies, processes and policies.
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Impact Factor: 3.4
Cite Score: 5.0
Annual Downloads/Views: 216k

Journal of Land Use Science
Research on land-system and human-natural system dynamics in geography, economics, sociology, and forestry via policy analyses and cross-site comparisons.
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Impact Factor: 3.2
Cite Score: 5.0
Annual Downloads/Views: 201k

Carbon Management
Research on carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases; climate change impact mitigation options, mechanisms, policies and related uncertainty; emissions reductions.
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Impact Factor: 3.1
Cite Score: 5.9
Annual Downloads/Views: 303k

Big Earth Data
Publishes research on Big Data in the earth sciences, including earth observation, earth systems monitoring, atmospheric science, marine science and geology.
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Impact Factor: 4.0
Cite Score: 8.0
Annual Downloads/Views: 115k

Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research
Publishes international research on cold region environments, including ecology, climatology, glaciology, and biogeochemistry.
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Impact Factor: 2.0
Cite Score: 3.7
Annual Downloads/Views: 439k

Sustainable Environment
Publishing open access research across the full scope of environmental science: from ecology to conservation and environmental health to waste management. 
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Impact Factor: 2.2
Cite Score: N/A
Annual Downloads/Views: 231k

Publishes research on hydroscience as a key resource for everyday use for human needs, agriculture, energy and transport, and hydraulic public works.
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Impact Factor: 0.8
Cite Score: 0.9
Annual Downloads/Views: 123k

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