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At Dove Medical Press, we understand the importance of a seamless publishing experience. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional support at every step of the process. From submission to peer review, editorial procedures, and post-publication monitoring, we strive to make the journey smooth and efficient for our authors. With our global presence and offices in the UK, US, and New Zealand and India, we offer comprehensive assistance to researchers worldwide.

Our online-only publication model sets us apart from traditional print journals, eliminating space constraints and ensuring that your paper will never be rejected due to lack of room. Our expert staff will guide you in identifying the most suitable journal for your research and facilitate any necessary transfers. Throughout the review and editorial processes, you will have a dedicated team member providing guidance and updates on your paper’s progress. With our streamlined approach, we boast one of the fastest turnaround times in the medical publishing field, typically completing peer review and the first editorial decision within 4-5 weeks.

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Feedbacks from authors about Dove Medical Press

  • 100% of authors found our online manuscript system easy to use, ensuring a smooth submission process.

  • 97% of authors expressed their willingness to submit future manuscripts with us, showcasing their trust and satisfaction with our services.

  • 96% of authors received prompt communication throughout the publishing process, demonstrating our commitment to timely updates and support.

  • 86% of authors rated their level of satisfaction as Excellent, with an additional 14% rating us as Good, highlighting the high overall satisfaction with Dove Medical Press.

        In Focus: Dove Medical Press Journals

        Psychology Research and Behavior Management

        Publishes open access research on behavioral, cognitive and social neuroscience, psychophysiology, behavior management and learning.

        View journal
        • 549,815 Monthly downloads/views

        • 4.3 Impact Factor *

        • 4.7 CiteScore

        Clinical Ophthalmology

        Publishes open access research on visual science, primary and secondary eye care, the pharmacology of eye disease, surgical techniques and clinical practice.

        View journal
        • 56,584 Monthly downloads/views

        • 2.2 Impact Factor *

        • 3.5 CiteScore

        Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dentistry

        Publishes open access research on dentistry, focusing on cosmetic intervention, including novel materials, techniques and devices, surgery, and orthodontics.


        View journal
        • 13,303 Monthly downloads/views

        • 1.8 Impact Factor

        • 3.3 CiteScore

        Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity

        Publishes open access research on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity, including thyroid and lipid disorders.

        View journal
        • 42,974 Monthly downloads/views

        • 3.3 Impact Factor

        • 5.4 CiteScore

        Drug Design, Development and Therapy

        Publishes open access research on targeted drug design, including pharmacokinetics, molecular studies, biological compounds, toxicology, and gene therapy.

        View journal
        • 88,007 Monthly downloads/views

        • 4.8 Impact Factor

        • 8.0 CiteScore

        Infection and Drug Resistance

        Publishes open access research on anti-infectives, epidemiology, vaccine development and the pathogenesis, etiology and diagnosis of infectious disease.

        View journal
        • 77,483 Monthly downloads/views

        • 3.9 Impact Factor

        • 5.7 CiteScore

        International Journal of General Medicine

        Publishes open access research on internal medicine, including nonsurgical treatment, healthcare programs and patient perspectives, outcomes and satisfaction.

        View journal
        • 94,670 Monthly downloads/views

        • 2.3 Impact Factor

        • 2.2 CiteScore

        International Journal of Nanomedicine

        Publishes open access research on clinical biomedical applications of nanomedicine, including drug delivery, nanodiagostics, nanoinformatics and nanotoxicity.

        View journal
        • 105,621 Monthly downloads/views

        • 8.0 Impact Factor

        • 14.0 CiteScore

        International Journal of Women’s Health

        Publishes open access research on women’s healthcare, focusing on obstetrics and gynecology, sexual and reproductive health, and psychosocial conditions.


        View journal
        • 37,491 Monthly downloads/views

        • 2.3 Impact Factor

        • 3.7 CiteScore

        Risk Management and Healthcare Policy

        Publishes open access research on public and community health, preventative and predictive healthcare, vaccination and disease transmission, policy and law.

        View journal
        • 373,556 Monthly downloads/views

        • 3.5 Impact Factor

        • 4.5 CiteScore

        Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare

        Publishes open access research by interdisciplinary teams, combining several academic specializations, as well as evaluations of such teams and their results.

        View journal
        • 45,224 Monthly downloads/views

        • 3.3 Impact Factor

        • 4.0 CiteScore

        Journal of Asthma and Allergy

        Publishes open access research on asthma and allergic disease, focusing on diagnosis, epidemiology, prevention and treatment, as well as pulmonary physiology.

        View journal
        • 14,633 Monthly downloads/views

        • 3.2 Impact Factor

        • 3.8 CiteScore

        Research articles are more than just a manuscript. It is a tool that facilitates shared and verified knowledge that could push one’s boundaries within the specialised field.
        Yet, we understand how daunting and time-consuming it can take to publish an article.

        Taylor & Francis ensures that researchers are supported every step of the way during the publication process. We offer a full range of services to take care of straightening out your manuscript and maximising impact so you can focus on your research.

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        English Language Editing

        Features and Benefits:

        • Ensure manuscripts meet international standards of scholarly English

        • Detailed language check (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and terminology)

        • Receive inputs and manuscript feedback report

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        Scientific Editing

        Features and Benefits:

        • Gain comprehensive feedback from experienced reviewers and senior editors with relevant industry experience

        • Receive a detailed technical review of your manuscript

        • Improve the overall structure and flow of your journal article

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