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Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics is an international journal of vaccinology and immunotherapy that publishes all aspects of work in these fields.
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Expert Review of Vaccines

A MEDLINE-indexed peer-reviewed journal providing expert commentary on the development, application, and clinical effectiveness of new vaccines. Topics include vaccine technology, vaccine adjuvants, prophylactic vaccines, and therapeutic vaccines. It offers accelerated publication.
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Clinical Toxicology

Clinical Toxicology is an international journal publishing research on the various aspects of clinical toxicology including the diagnosis and treatment of poisoning.
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Journal of Pain Research

Publishes open access studies on basic and applied pain research, neuromodulation, palliative care, drug studies, opioids, and pain mechanisms and genetics.


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Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity

Publishes open access research on pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity, including thyroid and lipid disorders.

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Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology

Publishes open access research on skin disease and cosmetic interventions, including skin development and aging, dermal histology and treatment options.

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Renal Failure

Publishes research articles on acute kidney injury, including pathology, nephrotoxicity, and transplantation- and diabetes-induced renal failure.
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Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare

Publishes open access research by interdisciplinary teams, combining several academic specializations, as well as evaluations of such teams and their results.

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International Journal of General Medicine

Publishes open access research on internal medicine, including nonsurgical treatment, healthcare programs and patient perspectives, outcomes and satisfaction.

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Contemporary Nurse

Publishes research on emerging fronts in health services directly relevant to contemporary clinical nursing practice.
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International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology

International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology publishes research in any area of communication or dysphagia, covering the etiology, diagnosis and treatment. 
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Clinical and Experimental Optometry

Publishes research in optometry and vision science, including clinical refraction, spectacle and contact lenses, eye disease, and ocular therapeutics.
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International Journal of Nanomedicine

Publishes open access research on clinical biomedical applications of nanomedicine, including drug delivery, nanodiagostics, nanoinformatics and nanotoxicity.

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International Journal of Hyperthermia

Publishes articles on various aspects of thermal energy and thermal therapy in clinical, biological or engineering studies involving human or animals.
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Cancer Management and Research

Cancer Management and Research is part of our Elevate Series. This means that you will receive a concierge-level publishing experience, including dedicated support from our expert in-house Editorial team.

Publishes open access research on cancer, including epidemiology, cell research, surgery and preventative and integrated treatment for enhanced quality of life.
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Brain Injury

Brain Injury publishes international research on acquired brain injury and impairment relating to basic science, acute medical care, rehabilitation and community re-entry.
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Nature and Science of Sleep

Publishes open access research on the neurophysiology and functions of sleep, the genetics of sleep, biological rhythms, dreaming, sleep disorders and therapy.

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International Journal of Audiology

An international journal publishing research into audiology and hearing sciences including psychoacoustics, hearing impairment and rehabilitation devices. 
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Infection and Drug Resistance

Publishes open access research on anti-infectives, epidemiology, vaccine development and the pathogenesis, etiology and diagnosis of infectious disease.

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International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Publishes open access research on the therapeutics and pharmacology of COPD, including pathophysiology, intervention programs, education and self-management.

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Annals of Human Biology

An international journal that publishes research on human population biology across multiple disciplines including human genetics, demography, and ecology.
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English Language Editing

Features and Benefits:

  • Ensure manuscripts meet international standards of scholarly English

  • Detailed language check (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and terminology)

  • Receive inputs and manuscript feedback report

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Scientific Editing

Features and Benefits:

  • Gain comprehensive feedback from experienced reviewers and senior editors with relevant industry experience

  • Receive a detailed technical review of your manuscript

  • Improve the overall structure and flow of your journal article

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Manuscript Formatting

Features and Benefits:

  • Meet layout guidelines and conventions

  • Ensure manuscript matches your journal’s style guide

  • Ensure accuracy of cited references while complying with journal guidelines