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Call for Book Reviews

The editor of the international journal Social Identities, Professor Pal Ahluwalia (the University of the South Pacific) and Professor Toby Miller (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana—Cuajimalpa) are seeking reviewers for the books listed below. Social Identities (H-index 39) publishes six issues annually and attracts diverse contributions from scholars and practitioners across the globe.

We invite early career researchers and advanced graduate (PhD) students to submit proposals for a book review. All prospective reviewers must have sufficient expertise in the field of the book they propose to review and adhere to the journal’s guideline.

Book reviews should be up to 2000 words in length and include the following:

  • A summary of the book’s information – details of the author(s) and editor(s), title of the book, year of publication, name of the publisher, and total page numbers;

  • A concise overview of the book’s primary themes;

  • Original and insightful composition, including detailed synopses and critical evaluations of the book and giving an account of the aims and remits; and

  • References.

We will provide reviewers with electronic and or print copies of the book.

Prospective reviewers should get in touch with the Managing Editor, Ms Poonam Devi, at [email protected]

Available list:

  • ‘Membering’ Austin Clarke by Paul Barett

  • Politics and Cultural Nativism in 1970s Taiwan: Youth, Narrative, Nationalism.

  • Love Your Asian Body: AIDS Activism in Los Angeles by Eric C. Wat.

  • Kurdish Diaspora Mobilisation in Denmark by Anne Sofie Schøtt.

  • King Yellowman: Meaningful Bodies in Jamaican Dancehall Culture by Brent Hagerman.

  • Living Worth: Value and Values in Global Pharmaceutical Markets by Stefan Ecks

  • Dump Philosophy – A Phenomenology of Devastation by Michael Marder

  • Gridiron Capital: How American Football Became a Samoan Game by Lisa Uperesa.

  • ‘Who Saved the Parthenon? A New History of the Acropolis Before, During and After the Greek Revolution’ by William St Clair.

  • ‘Political Masculinity: How Incels, Fundamentalists and Authoritarians Mobilise for Patriarchy’ by Susanne Kaiser.

  • The Classical Parthenon: Recovering the Strangeness of the Ancient World by William St Clair.

  • Black Oot Here: Black Lives in Scotland by Francesca Sobande and layla-roxanne hill.

  • Anthropology of Transformation: From Europe to Asia and Back by Juraj Buzalka and Agnieszka Pasieka.

  • Turkish Politics and ‘The People’: Mass Mobilisation and Populism by Spyros A. Sofos.

  • Composing Violence: The Limits of Exposure and the Making of Minorities by Moyukh Chatterjee.

  • Screening Social Justice: Brave New Films and Documentary Activism by Sherry B. Ortner.

  • Liberty in Their Names: The Women Philosophers of the French Revolution by Sandrine Bergès.

  • Disappearing Rooms: The Hidden Theaters of Immigration Law by Michelle Castañeda

  • Patriarchy in Practice: Ethnographies of Everyday Masculinities edited by Nikki van der Gaag, Amir Massoumian & Dan Nightingale.

  • Return of the Junta: Why Myanmar’s Military Must Go Back to the Barracks by Oliver Slow.

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More about the journal

Recent years have witnessed considerable worldwide changes concerning social identities such as race, nation and ethnicity, as well as the emergence of new forms of racism and nationalism as discriminatory exclusions. Social Identities aims to furnish an interdisciplinary and international focal point for theorizing issues at the interface of social identities.

The journal is especially concerned to address these issues in the context of the transforming political economies and cultures of postmodern and postcolonial conditions. Social Identities is intended as a forum for contesting ideas and debates concerning the formations of, and transformations in, socially significant identities, their attendant forms of material exclusion and power, as well as the political and cultural possibilities opened up by these identifications.

Besides the regular range of articles, Social Identitiesalso features Specificities and Debate sections, an occasional book review section, and special issues on topics of note.

Please note that this journal only publishes manuscripts in English.

Peer Review Policy:
All research articles published in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Authors can choose to publish gold open access in this journal.

Read the Instructions for Authors for information on how to submit your article.

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