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Communication Studies publishes high-quality original scholarship focused centrally on the study of communication and communication processes.
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Publishes the most current work on the social, economic, and cultural impact of the emerging properties of new information and communication technologies.
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Mass Communication and Society publishes articles related to mass communication theory, mass media research methods and mass media practices.
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Publishes a broad range of topics in social sciences, including Area Studies, Criminology, Geography, Hospitality, Law, Tourism, Media Studies, Sociology and Sport & Leisure.
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Journal of Health Communication publishes research on the communication of health information globally and developments in the field of health communications.
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Health Communication seeks to improve practical communication between caregivers and patients and between institutions and the public, providing an outlet for scholarly intercourse between medical and social sciences.
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“Podcasts are increasingly utilized in mental health contexts, such as communicating advice around improving wellbeing, guided meditations, psychoeducation, and translating research findings. This study aimed to explore demographics, motivations, behaviors, and attitudes of podcast listeners regarding podcasts dealing with content and themes related to mental health.”

“This contribution seeks to demonstrate how studying memes as a collection depends on the website or platform where they are sourced. To do so, we compare how memes, specifically internet memes, are conceived in the well – known meme repository (Know Your Meme) with those from a meme host and generator (Imgur), an imageboard (4chan), a short-form video hosting site (TikTok) as well as a marketing data dashboard (CrowdTangle).”

“Intentional news avoidance describes an intermittent news use practice in which people deliberately turn away from the news. Previous findings point out that the level of intentional news avoidance has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. Since this might be related to negative consequences both with regard to compliance with measures and for the economic situation of journalism, the current study empirically investigates the prevalence and predictors of intentional news avoidance during COVID-19.”

“Romance has never felt the same way since the inception of online dating. A match is made not in Heaven but in the Cloud. Swiping profiles could sweep someone’s feet off. This work aims to assess the factors predicting the continuous use intention of online dating applications among young Malaysians through the lens of the UTAUT2 model and privacy risk.”

“Particularly in uncertain times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens are very “media dependent.” The way in which people are informed about the coronavirus heavily depends on the type of media they use. Especially on social media, the sharing of misinformation is considerable, which might impact the way in which people comply with preventive measures. Our study investigates how media use affects misperceptions about the coronavirus and whether this influences important behavioral determinants as well as compliance behavior itself.”

“Youth get their sexual health information from social media, often from social media influencers (SMIs) or microcelebrities with large followings. Previous research suggests that SMIs have powerful persuasive effects on attitudes and behaviors. Thus, it is important to examine the ways in which sexual health information, such as birth control, is conveyed by SMIs. Using framing theory as a theoretical framework, this study examines characteristics of SMIs and their shared experiences pertaining to birth control.”
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