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Our specially curated green and sustainable chemistry journals and books strive to share original research perspectives that impact change in the environmental sciences field. Our books and journals cover the top emerging trends in areas such as chemical engineering, synthetic communications, polymeric materials, and nuclear science.

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“Excellent peer reviewing with constructive suggestions for the betterment of the work. Rapid reviewing and timely online publication.” 

Published Author, Analytical Chemistry

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Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Mass Transfer during Leaching of Starch and Protein from Potato

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Short-term exposure of female BALB/cJ mice to e-cigarette aerosol promotes neutrophil recruitment and enhances neutrophil-platelet aggregation in pulmonary microvasculature

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“Excellent peer reviewing with constructive suggestions for the betterment of the work. Rapid reviewing. I am very satisfied with this journal. Perfect place to publish our research. In the following days I am planning to send one more work. Very well-organized journal. Thanks a lot.” 

Published Author, Chemical Engineering Communications

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“Interest in green chemistry and clean processes has grown so much in recent years that topics such as fluorous biphasic catalysis, metal organic frameworks, and process intensification, which were barely mentioned in the First Edition, have become major areas of research.”

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