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Propose a Special Issue

Special Issue proposals can now be submitted to the JEPP Editors at any time of the year. They can be submitted in two forms:

(1) A full proposal

(2) A ‘call for papers’ proposal

All proposals must include a working title, the names and affiliations of the guest editors and a description of the proposal’s rationale, its innovative nature in relation to existing published work in the particular field, and an indication of its likely appeal to JEPP readers. All proposals must also include a timetable, which specifies ‘milestones’ such as any workshops that are planned, date by which first and subsequent drafts are to be submitted, the time allowed for the refereeing process etc. (the editors are happy to advise on these matters). This part of the proposal should not exceed 3 pages.

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Full proposal applications must also include names and affiliation of each proposed paper contributor and an approx. 150-word abstract of each of the planned papers, together with an indication of their commitment to contribute to the special issue. (It is important that contributors are ‘signed up’ and not just on your wish list!). Since all of the papers for the special issue will be subject to standard peer review, you may want to factor in that not necessarily all papers will make it through that process. Hence, submitting a proposal with merely 8 proposed papers (which is the standard special issue length), you will stand the risk of losing several papers as a result of peer review. We thus encourage submissions containing 10-12 paper proposals.

‘Call for papers’ proposals must include a short draft call, a detailed strategy for publicizing the call, and a timetable.

Each special issue will normally contain at least 8 articles (up to 10,000 words per article), all of which will be subject to peer review. The special issue guest editors will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the special issue via ScholarOne, the online submission and journal management system. But no worries, there will be plenty of instructions and support by the JEPP editors!

All proposals (including expressions of interest and general inquiries) should be sent to the JEPP editors:

Berthold Rittberger ([email protected]) and Jeremy Richardson: ([email protected]).

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