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Cogent Food & Agriculture

An open access journal, publishing research in Food Science & Technology and the Agricultural Sciences.
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  • 2.0 (2022) Impact Factor

  • 4.4 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    International Journal of Fruit Science

    Deals with topics related to new technologies and innovative approaches to the management, marketing, superior growth and quality of all types of fruit crops.
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    • 2.4 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 3.6 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    International Journal of Food Properties

    Open-access research on food properties like food measurement methods; food property data, databases, artificial intelligence applications; and food technology.
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    • 2.9 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 5.7 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    CYTA – Journal of Food

    Open-access research on analysis of food chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, nutrition and physiology; additives and toxins; quality control and packaging.
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    • 2.1 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 4.7 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B – Soil & Plant Science

    Research on soil and plant science and interactions in agricultural/horticultural systems; sustainability, water/nutrient efficiency and bio-/nanotechnology.
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    • 1.6 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 3.7 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    Plant Signaling & Behavior

    Plant Signaling & Behavior publishes research on plant communications, pathogenic, symbiotic and predatory interactions with plants and other species.
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    • 2.9 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 4.6 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    Journal of Plant Interactions

    Open access plant biology research on plant interactions including physiology, biochemistry, ecology, biological struggle and sustainable natural resource use.
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    • 3.2 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 5.1 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    Plant Production Science

    Publishes research on the production of field crops and resource plants, including morphology, ecology, cropping system, and post harvest management.
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    • 2.5 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 2.6 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    Journal of Natural Fibers

    Publishes research in processing natural raw materials, particularly fibers; related lifecycle assessment; sustainable agriculture; bioreclamation.
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    • 3.5 (2022) Impact Factor

    • 3.7 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

    NJAS: Impact in Agricultural and Life Sciences

    Previous title: NJAS: Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences 
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      • 2.4 (2022) Impact Factor

      • 2.4 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

      International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

      Research advancing understanding and practice of agricultural sustainability and transformation, agroecology, and related technologies, processes and policies.
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      • 3.4 (2022) Impact Factor

      • 3.7 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

      Applied Phycology

      Publishes open-access research on seaweed, algae and cyanobacteria, relating to algal systems, aquaculture, applied taxonomy, genomics, ecology and biotech.
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      • 2.7 (2022) CiteScore (Scopus)

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