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Special Issues: Forestry

Choose your Special Issue

Which of these special issues will help you to demonstrate how your research contributes to the global policy priorities represented by the European Commission’s Horizon Missions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

Click on the options below to help you to decide on the best place to make your impact.

Special Issue

Sustainable Forestry
For research which addresses:

  • Ecology, management, recreation, restoration and silvicultural systems of all forest types, including urban forests
  • All aspects of forest biology, including ecophysiology, entomology, pathology, genetics, tree breeding, and biotechnology
  • Wood properties, forest biomass, bioenergy, and carbon sequestration
  • Simulation modeling, inventory, quantitative methods, and remote sensing
  • Environmental pollution, fire and climate change impacts, and adaptation and mitigation in forests
  • Forest engineering, economics, human dimensions, natural resource policy and planning
Special Issue

Arboricultural Journal
For research which addresses:

  • Arboriculture and tree care, forestry and horticulture
  • Arboricultural professional practice and related matters
  • The urban forest and urban forestry
  • Tree and woodland ecology, history and related issues
  • Ancient and veteran trees and their management
  • Landscape design and evaluation
  • Tree and forest economics and assessment methodologies
  • Issues of relevant legal and litigation practice
  • Issues of biofuel, green infrastructure, and urban greenspace
Special Issue

Big Earth Data
For research which addresses:

  • Reviews of past and ongoing research work on big Earth data for SDGs
  • Case studies on big Earth data supporting SDG indicators
  • Comprehensive evaluation research on SDG indicators
  • Innovative datasets and techniques contributing to the implementations of the SDGs
  • Policy research on SDGs from perspectives of relevant governmental departments and international or regional organizations
Special Issue

Climate Action

The Climate Action Gateway brings together all content published on F1000Research related to climate change, its causes, impacts and potential solutions; making the information rapidly and openly accessible for others to consult and use, thus supporting the development of effective scientific, policy, economic, social and behavioural responses.

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