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Special Issues: Biodiversity & Ecology

Choose your Special Issue

Which of these special issues will help you to demonstrate how your research contributes to the global policy priorities represented by the European Commission’s Horizon Missions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

Click on the options below to help you to decide on the best place to make your impact.

Special Issue

Journal of Freshwater Ecology
For research which addresses:

  • Freshwater ecosystem health and resilience
  • Biological integrity of freshwater communities
  • Biological and ecological monitoring
  • Impacts of human activities on freshwater ecosystem function or structure
  • Restoration ecology
Special Issue

Biocontrol Science and Technology

Welcoming contributions on the use and applications of nematophagous fungi in the biological control of gastrointestinal nematodes. We invite researchers involved in the study of this extraordinary group of fungi to contribute.


Special Issue

Marine Biology Research
For research which addresses:

  • Sustainable exploration and management of marine resources
  • Biodiversity and conservation as tools to mitigate anthropogenic impacts and climate change
  • Pollutants, including heavy metals, oil, plastics, etc, in the marine realm
  • Coastal protection measures
  • Ocean negative emission technologies
  • Blue biotechnology
Special Issue

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability
For research which addresses:

  • Ecological health
  • Ecological degradation
  • Ecological risk
  • Ecological restoration and regulation
Special Issue

Big Earth Data
For research which addresses:

  • Reviews of past and ongoing research work on big Earth data for SDGs
  • Case studies on big Earth data supporting SDG indicators
  • Comprehensive evaluation research on SDG indicators
  • Innovative datasets and techniques contributing to the implementations of the SDGs
  • Policy research on SDGs from perspectives of relevant governmental departments and international or regional organizations
Special Issue

To be announced...


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