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Handpicked articles from Supramolecular Chemistry

The Supramolecular Defined Chemistry page is like an Editor’s choice list but displays commissioned personal essays or opinion pieces. Collating them in one place is beneficial for current and potential authors to gain additional information about the journal and the page will also be useful to advertise on the journal’s Twitter page.

Supramolecular Chemistry

Table of Contents for Supramolecular Chemistry. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

Language: en-US

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Supramolecular Chemistry

Article TitleAuthor(s)Journal TitleVolumeIssue
Supramolecular chemistry: defined. A personal perspectiveKatrina A. JolliffeSupramolecular ChemistryVolume 29Issue 6
Supramolecular chemistry: What is the commercialisation plan?Jonathan SesslerSupramolecular ChemistryVolume 30Issue 8
What has supramolecular chemistry done for us?’: a personal perspective and opinions on our field:Eric.V AnslynSupramolecular Chemistry Volume 28Issue 5-6
What has supramolecular chemistry done for us?Brian Daly, Jue Ling & A. Prasanna de SilvaSupramolecular ChemistryVolume 28Issue 3-4
Supramolecular chemistry: definedMei-Xaiang WangSupermolecular ChemistryVolume 28Issue 1-2
Supramolecular chemistry as an underpinning concept:Jonathan W. Steed Supramolecular ChemistryVolume 27Issue 11-12
A Platform for ChangeJ. Fraser StoddartSupramolecular Chemistry Volume 27Issue 9