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Supramolecular Chemistry

C. David Gutsche: An Appreciation

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Deadline for submissions: May 01, 2021

Supramolecular Chemistry

Supramolecular Chemistry welcomes manuscripts from the fields and sub-disciplines related to supramolecular chemistry and non-covalent interactions.

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Guest Editors


Professor Alessandro Casnati, University of Parma

Professor Michaele Hardie, University of Leeds

Dear supramolecular colleagues and friends,

Supramolecular Chemistry (the Taylor & Francis Group) is proud to announce an upcoming special issue dedicated to the memory of the true father of the field of calixarenes: C. David Gutsche. As you will recall, David passed away at the end of the summer of 2018 at the age of 97. David’s contributions to Chemistry over his 55-year career in university teaching and research were wide and varied, but he is best known for his pioneering work in unraveling the puzzling and conflicting data from Adolf von Baeyer’s initial examination of the condensation of phenol and aldehydes and the subsequent work of Zinke, Niederl, Vogel and Cornforth. Solving the puzzle of these early studies, working out reliable procedures for the one-step synthesis of calixarenes, and of course naming these now famous cyclic-oligomers, was just (!) the beginning of David’s contribution to the field.

Towards this special issue, Editors-in-Chief, Philip A. Gale and Bruce C. Gibb will be joined by guest editors Professors Alessandro Casnati (University of Parma) and Michaele Hardie (University of Leeds). Moreover, the special issue will be led by an Editorial from another pioneer in supramolecular chemistry, Prof. David Reinhoudt (University of Twente). As a reflection of David Gutsche’s influence, the Editors will be accepting manuscripts based not only on calixarene research, but any supramolecular topic that would have inspired David.

Please note in your calendars a manuscript submission deadline of May 1st 2021.

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