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Submit your Artist's Statement today

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts (JMA) is a peer reviewed journal that focuses on connections between mathematics and the arts. It publishes articles of interest for readers who are engaged in using mathematics in the creation of works of art, who seek to understand art arising from mathematical or scientific endeavors, or who strive to explore the mathematical implications of artistic works. The term ”art” is intended to include, but not be limited to, two and three dimensional visual art, architecture, drama (stage, screen, or television), prose, poetry, and music.

JMA is now opening submissions for short mathematical art papers, or Artist's Statements. 

Click here to read Susan Happersett artist's statement

Click here to read Mara Alagic's Editor's Introduction.

Artist's Statement Guidelines

An artists statement can consist of two components. 

1. Text between 500 and 1000 words submitted in a Word document, or other common, editable format. The Artist’s Statement should include:

  • A general explanation of the artist's mission, what they hope to accomplish, either aesthetically or mathematically
  • References to influences, like other artists' work, scientific research, cultural references, etc. This gives the reader a chance to connect to the artist by exploring these influences
  • A description of the artist's practice, that is, tools, techniques, materials, etc. This will demystify the artist’s personal processes to the reader
  • A full description of the work chosen for publication, including explanations of the mathematical implication or mathematical insights, specific to this work

2. A copy of/or the artistic work itself:

  • This may be a photograph of a single work, an excerpt of prose, or a short poem
  • JMA can also consider video abstracts for dramatists but please ensure to read the linked instructions for technical specifications if you are interested in submitting in this format
  • If submitting a photograph of your artwork, this must be of high quality (600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi for color, at the correct size). The photograph should be saved as a TIFF, PostScript or EPS file. For more information on how to prepare artwork, please visit our Instructions for Authors page

Submissions can be made here, on our Editorial Manager page.

Please direct any questions to the Editor-in-Chief:

Mara Alagic 
Wichita State University, Kansas, USA