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Now publishing 3D Models

Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

Owned by the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology (JVP) is excited to announce that the journal is now accepting 3D imaging.

Include interactive 3D figures of images such as CT scanning data in your work, and make your research more accessible, searchable and interactive.

Facilitated by Sketchfab, the interactive 3D viewer is fully integrated into the journal website. With no need to navigate away from the article, the reader remains on the same page to interact with the 3D model. 3D figures will also be available on the Sketchfab website further increasing the discoverability of your article.

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About this 3D model

Zupaysaurus rougieri is an early neotheropod from the middle Norian Los Colorados Formation of northwestern Argentina represented by an almost complete skull and several postcranial bones.

Read the associated article here: New information on the braincase and endocranial morphology of the Late Triassic neotheropod Zupaysaurus rougieri using Computed Tomography data.

Why publish 3D models?

Publishing in 3D offers readers the opportunity to relate to your data in a new way. The inclusion of an integrated 3D model enables a much richer interaction with the subject material that really resonates with the nature of the research.

In addition, the inclusion of a relevant 3D model can provide a completely independent access point to your research. This opens up the potential for engagement beyond traditional academic communities; in particular offering a highly shareable visualization that is accessible to the wider public, practitioners and non-English language speakers.

This is especially relevant given the public interest in the type of content published in JVP. Being able to show the wider impact of your research is becoming increasingly important to funders and articles from JVP are frequently picked up by major news outlets. This year alone there have been 10,000 tweets about research featured in JVP and more than 1,800 news stories published worldwide.

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Click on the options below to read our Aims & Scope, Instructions for Authors or to submit your manuscript now. 

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