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In addition to papers that use conventional strategies to study both prokaryotic and eukaryotic transcription, Transcription welcomes original research and review articles about all aspects of transcription, from biochemical and molecular approaches, to cellular, structural, and evolutionary views. We also welcome manuscripts dealing with genome-wide analyses, single molecule and biophysical studies, protein structure, imaging and systems biology.

Providing novel insights, provocative questions, and new hypotheses into the expanding field of gene transcription.

“The review process was very fast and information was easily accessible.”
- Anonymous Author Survey Respondent

Average time from submission to first decision: just 25 days!

Top downloaded articles from Transcription

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Regulation of transcription factors by sumoylationEmanuel Rosonina, Akhi Akhter, Yimo Dou, John Babu, Veroni S. Sri Theivakadadcham2017
Mutation of nucleotides around the +1 position of type 3 polymerase III promoters: The effect on transcriptional activity and start site usageZongliang Gao, Alex Harwig, Ben Berkhout, Elena Herrera-Carrillo2017
The seven faces of SIRT7Maximilian F. Blank, Ingrid Grummt2017
Long non-coding RNAs as emerging regulators of differentiation, development, and diseaseBijan K Dey, Adam C Mueller, Anindya Dutta2014
CTCF regulates NELF, DSIF and P-TEFb recruitment during transcriptionClélia Laitem, Justyna Zaborowska, Michael Tellier, Yuki Yamaguchi, Qingfu Cao, Sylvain Egloff, Hiroshi Handa, Shona Murphy2015
The mixed lineage leukemia 4 (MLL4) methyltransferase complex is involved in transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β)-activated gene transcriptionRoy Baas, Hetty A. A. M. van Teeffelen, Sjoerd J. D. Tjalsma, H. Th. Marc Timmers2018
ElemeNT: a computational tool for detecting core promoter elementsAnna Sloutskin, Yehuda M Danino, Yaron Orenstein, Yonathan Zehavi, Tirza Doniger, Ron Shamir, Tamar Juven-Gershon2015
Alternative mRNA processing sites decrease genetic variability while increasing functional diversityDidier Auboeuf2018
Comparative overview of RNA polymerase II and III transcription cycles, with focus on RNA polymerase III termination and reinitiationAneeshkumar G Arimbasseri, Keshab Rijal, Richard J Maraia2014
The RNA polymerase II preinitiation complex Through what pathway is the complex assembled?Donal S Luse2014

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