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Marine Geodesy

An International Journal of Ocean Surveys, Mapping, and Sensing

Is your research ready to make an impact?

Marine Geodesy’s broad portfolio of accepted research includes research from across remote sensing and oceanographic mapping. For full details read our Aims and Scope here

All authors published in Marine Geodesy:

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For help preparing your manuscript read our Instructions for Authors here. To submit your work visit our ScholarOne Manuscripts site.

Are you looking for evidence that your research will be valuable to the Marine Geodesy community?

Read the below sample of research papers published in Marine Geodesy. Free for a limited time. The articles on this page are changed regularly, so don't forget to bookmark it.

Free to read
Global Ocean Tide Models: Assessment and Use within a Surface Model of Lowest Astronomical TideJ. F. Turner , J. C. Iliffe , M. K. Ziebart & C. Jones2013
A Century of Sea Level Measurements at Newlyn, Southwest EnglandE. Bradshaw, P.L. Woodworth, A. Hibbert, L.J. Bradley, D.T. Pugh, C. Fane & R.M. Bingley2016
The SARAL/AltiKa Altimetry Satellite MissionJacques Verron, Pierre Sengenes, Juliette Lambin, Jocelyne Noubel, Nathalie Steunou, Amandine Guillot, Nicolas Picot, Sophie Coutin-Faye, Rashmi Sharma, R. M. Gairola, D. V. A. Raghava Murthy, James G. Richman, David Griffin, Ananda Pascual, Frédérique Rémy & P. K. Gupta2015
Estimating Mean Sea Level Change from the TOPEX and Jason Altimeter MissionsR. S. Nerem , D. P. Chambers , C. Choe & G. T. Mitchum2010
Modeling Storm Surge and its Associated Inland Inundation Extent Due to Very Severe Cyclonic Storm PhailinT. Srinivasa Kumar, P.L.N. Murty, M. Pradeep Kumar, M. Krishna Kumar, J. Padmanabham, N. Kiran Kumar, S.C. Shenoi, M. Mohapatra, Shailesh Nayak & Prakash Mohanty2015
So, How Deep Is the Mariana Trench?James V. Gardner , Andrew A. Armstrong , Brian R. Calder & Jonathan Beaudoin 2013

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