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Carbon Management

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Does your research examine the options and mechanisms for mitigating the causes and impacts of climate change?

Carbon Management is a forum for intellectual debate on the practical work of policy implementation, related to the long-term effort of managing our global GHG emissions and impacts. 

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Valuable findings, influencing positive change

Publishing research of value about carbon management, our latest special issue: Assessment of pathways of the net zero GHG emission consistent with 1.5 degree target, is now online. Papers in this special issue cover deep decarbonization potential around the world, and also provide a global perspective on mitigation actions to reach the 1.5 °C target. 


4 interesting facts about Carbon Management

  • 100% of Author Survey respondents, agreeing to share their responses, rated their satisfaction of publishing in Carbon Management as "10 out of 10".
  • Unlike some other broader climate change journals, Carbon Management is very science-based.
  • The journal is published in partnership with The Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. All members receive free online access to all content.
  • Carbon Management publishes influential findings, which impact on policy. For example, Global soil carbon: understanding and managing the largest terrestrial carbon pool (Volume 5, Issue 1), has received 14 mentions in policy documents by the Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) and by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 

Top 10 most accessed articles

Read the top 10 articles from the last two years, downloaded in 2018. Free to access below:

Climate-smart land use requires local solutions, transdisciplinary research, policy coherence and transparencySarah Carter, Bas Arts, et alMay 2018
Twenty-five years of emission inventoryingTinus PullesJanuary 2018
Critical success factors for embedding carbon management in organizations: lessons from the UK higher education sectorMuhammad Usman Mazhar, Richard Bull, et alNovember 2017
Climate-based suitability assessment for alternate wetting and drying water management in the Philippines: a novel approach for mapping methane mitigation potential in rice productionBjoern Ole Sander, Reiner Wassmann, et alJuly 2017
UK grid electricity carbon intensity can be reduced by enhanced oil recovery with CO2 sequestrationJeremy K. Turk, David S. Reay, et alMarch 2018
Carbon dynamics and GHG implications of increasing wood construction: long-term scenarios for residential buildings in AustriaGerald KaltMay 2018
Response to ‘Twenty-five years of emission inventorying’ by Tinus PullesMichael GillenwaterJanuary 2018
An analysis of the association among carbon dioxide emissions, energy consumption and economic performance: an econometric modelKhurram Ejaz Chandia, Ifra Gul, et alMay 2018
CO2 emission in India: trends and management at sectoral, sub-regional and plant levelsAmit Garg, P.R. Shukla, et alMarch 2017
An investigation into the early stages of New Zealand's voluntary carbon marketS. Jeff Birchall, Maya Murphy, et alJanuary 2018

Altmetric top scorers

Altmetrics are the measurement of articles beyond the traditional citation and download counts. It can include social media activity such as Tweets and Facebook posts, Mendeley and CiteULike bookmarks, blog posts etc. Altmetrics enable you to find out who is talking about your research. When publishing in Carbon Management, you can also track your article via Authored Works.

Read some top altmetrics scorers published in Carbon Management. Free to access below:

TitleAuthorIssueAttention scoreNews outletsBlogsTweetersFacebook pages
Forest carbon in Amazonia: the unrecognized contribution of indigenous territories and protected natural areasWayne Walker, Alessandro Baccini, et alDecember 20141291131615
Reconciling scientific reality with realpolitik: moving beyond carbon pricing to TEQs – an integrated, economy-wide emissions capShaun Chamberlin, Larch Maxey, et alApril 20155821428
Executing a Scharnow turn: reconciling shipping emissions with international commitments on climate changeKevin Anderson, Alice BowsApril 2014553138-
Policy Update: A one-way ticket to high carbon lock-in: the UK debate on aviation policyF Ruth Wood, Alice Bows, et alApril 201455--841
Technologies for the high seas: meeting the climate challengePaul Gilbert, Alice Bows-Larkin, et alMarch 2015523138-

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