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Bioremediation Journal

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We publish papers dealing with technology development & validation

Are you researching the use of biological and supporting physical treatments to treat contaminated soil and groundwater?

Manuscripts dealing with any stage of technology development and validation, from basic laboratory research through bench-scale testing to field application, are invited.

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Top 10 most accessed articles

Thinking of submitting to Bioremediation Journal? Read the top 10 articles from the last two years, downloaded in 2018. Free to access below:

Biodegradation of 4-chlorobiphenyl by using induced cells and cell extract of Burkholderia xenovoransAmrik Bhattacharya, S. K. KhareOctober 2017
Identification and characterization of Cr-, Cd-, and Ni-tolerant bacteria isolated from mine tailingsRobinson Junior Ndeddy Aka, Olubukola Oluranti BabalolaJanuary 2017
Biological pretreatment and bioconversion of agricultural wastes, using ligninolytic and cellulolytic fungal consortiaRathinam Ramarajan, Cathrine Sumathi ManoharApril 2017
Isolation and characterization of chromium(VI)-reducing Bacillus sp. FY1 and Arthrobacter sp. WZ2 and their bioremediation potentialWendan Xiao, Xuezhu Ye, et alApril 2017
Isolation of indigenous Staphylococcus sciuri from chromium-contaminated paddy field and its application for reduction of Cr(VI) in rice plants cultivated in potsAvishek Dutta, Sayanti Ghosh, et alJanuary 2017
Bioremediation of synthetic high–chemical oxygen demand wastewater using microalgal species Chlorella pyrenoidosaSuvidha Gupta, R. A. Pandey, et alJanuary 2017
Solar power enhancement of electrokinetic bioremediation of phenanthrene by Mycobacterium pallensIkrema Hassan, Eltayeb Mohamedelhassan,et alApril 2017
Large-scale bioventing degradation rates of petroleum hydrocarbons and determination of scale-up factorsMichael J. Mosco, Richard G. ZytnerOctober 2017
A comparative study of the wild and mutated heavy metal resistant Klebsiella variicola generated for cadmium bioremediationFeruke-Bello Yetunde Mutiat, Babalola Gbolahan, et alApril 2018
An “ex situ” microbial process for the removal of heavy metals from polluted soil: A case study of Ada rice field, Adani, Enugu State, NigeriaCharles O. Nwuche, Oguejiofo T. Ujam, et alOctober 2017

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