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Upconversion Materials

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Structural materials have a long history since the extensive use of iron and steels at the dawn of the Iron Age. Current research aims to improve their durability to environment, by preventing oxidation and corrosion during use, as well as ductility, strength and other mechanical properties; this research is growing through the integration of novel nanotechnologies. STAM has a traditional interest in advanced structural materials, as reflected in this special collection.

Article Title Author
The upconversion quantum yield (UCQY): a review to standardize the measurement methodology, improve comparability, and define efficiency standards Jose Marques-Hueso, Callum Jones & Anna Gakamsky
Shortwave infrared-absorbing squaraine dyes for all-organic optical upconversion devices Karen Strassel, Wei-Hsu Hu, Sonja Osbild, Daniele Padula, Daniel Rentsch, Sergii Yakunin, Yevhen Shynkarenko, Maksym Kovalenko, Frank NĂ¼esch, Roland Hany & Michael Bauer
Upconversion luminescence and favorable temperature sensing performance of eulytite-type Sr3Y(PO4)(3):Yb3+/Ln(3+) phosphors (Ln=Ho, Er, Tm) Liu Weigang, Wang Xuejiao, Zhu Qi, Li Xiaodong, Sun Xudong, & Li Ji-Guang
Multicolor upconversion luminescence of dye-coordinated Er3+ at the interface of Er2O3 and CaF2 nanoparticles Ayumi Ishii, Yuya Adachi, Ayaka Hasegawa, Miyu Komaba, Shuhei Ogata & Miki Hasegawa