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Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Photovoltaic (PV) devices convert renewable energy from sunlight to electricity. They have benefited from the recent discoveries of novel inexpensive and easily processible materials that exhibit a high PV conversion efficiency. PV materials are a core topic for STAM, which is covered not only in this special collection, but also in several STAM focus issues.

Article TitleAuthor
Material challenges for solar cells in the twenty-first century: directions in emerging technologiesSamy Almosni et al
Perovskite solar cells: must lead be replaced – and can it be done?Qi Zhang, Feng Hao, Jianbao Li, Yangying Zhou, Yaxuan Wei & Hong Lin
Comparing the potential of different strategies for colour tuning in thin film photovoltaic technologiesEnrique Pascual-San José, Antonio Sánchez-Díaz, Marco Stella, Eugenia Martínez-Ferrero, Maria Isabel Alonso & Mariano Campoy-Quiles
Draw-spun, photonically annealed Ag fibers as alternative electrodes for flexible CIGS solar cellsYujing Liu et al
Insights into photovoltaic properties of ternary organic solar cells from phase diagramsMohammed Makha, Philippe Schwaller, Karen Strassel, Surendra B. Anantharaman, Frank Nüesch, Roland Hany & Jakob Heier
A perspective on using experiment and theory to identify design principles in dye-sensitized solar cellsPeter J. Holliman et al
Metal halide perovskite: a game-changer for photovoltaics and solar devices via a tandem designHeping Shen et al
CH3NH3PbI3 grain growth and interfacial properties in meso-structured perovskite solar cells fabricated by two-step depositionZhibo Yao et al
Understanding chemically processed solar cells based on quantum dotsVictor Malgras et al
Combinatorial screening of halide perovskite thin films and solar cells by mask-defined IR laser molecular beam epitaxyKazuhiro Kawashima et al