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Environment and Energy

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Environmental issues affect various areas such as water and air pollution, efficient use of energy, and low-energy production of materials. New materials and related technologies allow to clean up the environment and play a key role in the efficient use and recovery of energy. This special collection presents recent STAM articles dedicated to environment and energy topics.

Article TitleAuthor
Role of surface energy and nano-roughness in the removal efficiency of bacterial contamination by nonwoven wipes from frequently touched surfacesNicholas W. M. Edwards et al
Recyclable nanoscale zero-valent iron-based magnetic polydopamine coated nanomaterials for the adsorption and removal of phenanthrene and anthraceneJing Li, Qingxiang Zhou, Yongli Liu & Man Lei
Plasmonic detection of mercury via amalgam formation on surface-immobilized single Au nanorodsCarola Schopf, Alfonso Martín & Daniela Iacopino
Effect of amine structure on CO2 capture by polymeric membranesIkuo Taniguchi, Kae Kinugasa, Mariko Toyoda & Koki Minezaki
Facile synthesis of reduced graphene oxide–gold nanohybrid for potential use in industrial waste-water treatmentPrasenjit Kar et al
Facile preparation of acid-resistant magnetite particles for removal of Sb(Ⅲ) from strong acidic solutionDong Wang, Kaiwen Guan, Zhiping Bai & Fuqiang Liu
Photocatalytic activities of coke carbon/g-C3N4 and Bi metal/Bi mixed oxides/g-C3N4 nanohybrids for the degradation of pollutants in wastewaterMarta Sierra et al
Phoenix dactylifera mediated green synthesis of Cu2O particles for arsenite uptake from waterMokhtar Ali Amrani et al
New intelligent multifunctional SiO2/VO2 composite films with enhanced infrared light regulation performance, solar modulation capability, and superhydrophobicityChao Wang, Li Zhao et al
Energy conversion in magneto-rheological elastomersGael Sebald et al
2D and 3D photonic crystal materials for photocatalysis and electrochemical energy storage and conversionGillian Collins et al