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Device Materials

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Improvement of various devices, such as sensors, semiconductor and photonic devices, ionic devices for memristive switching, and many others, relies on the discoveries of novel materials with superior properties, and on the development on more efficient processing and integration methodologies. This special collection presents recent STAM articles not only on device materials, but also on integration, processing and design of novel devices.

Article TitleAuthor
Three-input gate logic circuits on chemically assembled single-electron transistors with organic and inorganic hybrid passivation layersMohammed Makha et al
Simplified detection of the hybridized DNA using a graphene field effect transistorArun Kumar Manoharan et al
Carrier properties of B atomic-layer-doped Si films grown by ECR Ar plasma-enhanced CVD without substrate heatingMasao Sakuraba et al
Improved sensing characteristics of dual-gate transistor sensor using silicon nanowire arrays defined by nanoimprint lithographyCheol-Min Lim, et al
Glucose-responsive hydrogel electrode for biocompatible glucose transistorTaira Kajisa & Toshiya Sakata
Magnetization reversal in YIG/GGG(111) nanoheterostructures grown by laser molecular beam epitaxyBoris B. Krichevtsov et al
A new material platform of Si photonics for implementing architecture of dense wavelength division multiplexing on Si bulk waferZiyi Zhang et al
Application of phase-change materials in memory taxonomyLei Wang, Liang Tu & Jing Wen
Experimental insight into the magnetic and electrical properties of amorphous Ge1-xMnxGianluca Conta et al
Intermetallic compounds in 3D integrated circuits technology: a brief reviewSyahira Annuar et al
Oleyl group-functionalized insulating gate transistors for measuring extracellular pH of floating cellsYuki Imaizumi et al