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1D/2D Materials

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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1D and 2D materials have attracted researchers not only as a scientific curiosity, but also because of their superior properties and numerous applications. They include carbon nanotubes and nanosheets, where the alternation of sp2 and sp3 bonding results in rich functionalities. This special collection presents related materials that have been covered by STAM in the last few years.

Article TitleAuthor
Chemical modification of group IV graphene analogsHideyuki Nakano et al
Carbon nanotube based transparent conductive films: progress, challenges, and perspectivesYing Zhou & Reiko Azumi
Formation of metal clusters in halloysite clay nanotubesVladimir A. Vinokurov et al
Experimental study and modeling of atomic-scale friction in zigzag and armchair lattice orientations of MoS2Meng Li et al
Electrical and photo-electrical properties of MoS2 nanosheets with and without an Al2O3 capping layer under various environmental conditionsMuhammad Farooq Khan et al
Recent progress in boron nanomaterialsTakahiro Kondo
Improved sensing characteristics of dual-gate transistor sensor using silicon nanowire arrays defined by nanoimprint lithographyCheol-Min Lim et al
Grafting the surface of carbon nanotubes and carbon black with the chemical properties of hyperbranched polyaminesFrancisco Morales-Lara et al
Studying the electronic and phononic structure of penta-graphaneHamideh Einollahzadeh, Seyed Mahdi Fazeli & Reza Sabet Dariani
Thermal conductivity engineering of bulk and one-dimensional Si-Ge nanoarchitecturesAli Kandemir, Ayberk Ozden, Tahir Cagin & Cem Sevik
Novel magnetic properties of CoTe nanorods and diversified CoTe nanostructures obtained at different NaOH concentrationsYu-Xi Lei et al
Plasmonic detection of mercury via amalgam formation on surface-immobilized single Au nanorodsCarola Schopf, Alfonso Martín & Daniela Iacopino
Unconventional fractional quantum Hall effect in monolayer and bilayer grapheneJanusz Jacak & Lucjan Jacak