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Properties and Applications of Perovskites

by Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Guest Editors: Fatih Dogan, Hong Lin, Maryline Guilloux-Viry and Octavio Peña

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is pleased to present this 2015 focus issue on: Properties and Applications of Perovskites.

We hope you will enjoy reading all the articles published in this issue.

Article TitleAuthor
Focus on properties and applications of perovskitesFatih Dogan, Hong Lin, Maryline Guilloux-Viry & Octavio Peña
Electronic conduction in La-based perovskite-type oxidesHisashi Kozuka, Kazushige Ohbayashi & Kunihito Koumoto
Some current problems in perovskite nano-ferroelectrics and multiferroics: kinetically-limited systems of finite lateral sizeJames F Scott, Alina Schilling, S E Rowley & J Marty Gregg
Perovskite-type catalytic materials for environmental applicationsNitin Labhasetwar, Govindachetty Saravanan, Suresh Kumar Megarajan, Nilesh Manwar, Rohini Khobragade, Pradeep Doggali & Fabien Grasset
Varied roles of Pb in transition-metal PbMO3 perovskites (M = Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Ru)John B Goodenough & Jianshi Zhou
Recent progress in efficient hybrid lead halide perovskite solar cellsJin Cui, Huailiang Yuan, Junpeng Li, Xiaobao Xu, Yan Shen, Hong Lin & Mingkui Wang
A review of molecular beam epitaxy of ferroelectric BaTiO3 films on Si, Ge and GaAs substrates and their applicationsLucie Mazet, Sang Mo Yang, Sergei V Kalinin, Sylvie Schamm-Chardon & Catherine Dubourdieu
Glory of piezoelectric perovskitesKenji Uchino
High-sensitivity piezoelectric perovskites for magnetoelectric compositesHarvey Amorín, Miguel Algueró, Rubén Del Campo, Eladio Vila, Pablo Ramos, Mickael Dollé, Yonny Romaguera-Barcelay, Javier Pérez De La Cruz and Alicia Castro
Concurrent bandgap narrowing and polarization enhancement in epitaxial ferroelectric nanofilmsMarina Tyunina, Lide Yao, Dagmar Chvostova, Alexandr Dejneka, Tomas Kocourek, Miroslav Jelinek, Vladimir Trepakov & Sebastiaan van Dijken
Magnetic properties of solid solutions between BiCrO3 and BiGaO3 with perovskite structuresAlexei A Belik