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Materials Genome and Informatics

by Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Guest Editors: Kiyoyuki Terakura and Ichiro Takeuchi

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is pleased to present this 2017 focus issue on: Materials Genome and Informatics.

We hope you will enjoy reading all the articles published in this issue.

Article Title Author
Focus on materials genome and informatics Kiyoyuki Terakura & Ichiro Takeuchi
Towards a metadata scheme for the description of materials – the description of microstructures Georg J. Schmitz, Bernd Böttger, Markus Apel, Janin Eiken, Gottfried Laschet, Ralph Altenfeld, Ralf Berger, Guillaume Boussinot & Alexandre Viardin
Quantitative description on structure–property relationships of Li-ion battery materials for high-throughput computations Youwei Wang, Wenqing Zhang, Lidong Chen, Siqi Shi & Jianjun Liu
Combinatorial study of Fe-Co-V hard magnetic thin films Sean W. Fackler, Vasileios Alexandrakis, Dennis König, A. Gilad Kusne, Tieren Gao, Matthew J. Kramer, Drew Stasak, Kenny Lopez, Brad Zayac, Apurva Mehta, Alfred Ludwig & Ichiro Takeuchi