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Future Leaders in Nanoarchitectonics

by Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Guest Editors: Katsuhiko Ariga, Martin Pumera and Masakazu Aono

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is pleased to present this 2015 focus issue on: Future Leaders in Nanoarchitectonics.

We hope you will enjoy reading all the articles published in this issue.

Article Title Author
Nanoarchitectonics + future leaders = bright success in materials science and technology Katsuhiko Ariga, Martin Pumera and Masakazu Aono
Shape-memory surfaces for cell mechanobiology Mitsuhiro Ebara
Alkyl-π engineering in state control toward versatile optoelectronic soft materials Fengniu Lu and Takashi Nakanishi
Non-covalent polymer wrapping of carbon nanotubes and the role of wrapped polymers as functional dispersants Tsuyohiko Fujigaya and Naotoshi Nakashima
Facile synthesis of α-Fe2O3 nanodisk with superior photocatalytic performance and mechanism insight Yang Huang, Dahu Ding, Minshen Zhu, Wenjun Meng, Yan Huang, Fengxia Geng, Jie Li, Jing Lin, Chengchun Tang, Zhongfang Lei, Zhenya Zhang and Chunyi Zhi
Nano and micro architectures for self-propelled motors Jemish Parmar, Xing Ma, Jaideep Katuri, Juliane Simmchen, Morgan M Stanton, Carolina Trichet-Paredes, Lluís Soler and Samuel Sanchez
N- and S-doped high surface area carbon derived from soya chunks as scalable and efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction Moumita Rana, Gunjan Arora & Ujjal K Gautam
Structure and cation distribution in perovskites with small cations at the A site: the case of ScCoO3 Wei Yi, Igor A Presniakov, Alexey V Sobolev, Yana S Glazkova, Yoshitaka Matsushita, Masahiko Tanaka, Kosuke Kosuda, Yoshihiro Tsujimoto, Kazunari Yamaura and Alexei A Belik
Photoluminescent lead(II) coordination polymers stabilised by bifunctional organoarsonate ligands Jian-Di Lin, Camelia I Onet and Wolfgang Schmitt
Preparation of a platinum electrocatalyst by coaxial pulse arc plasma deposition Yoshiaki Agawa, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Shigemitsu Torisu, Satoshi Endo, Akihiro Tsujimoto, Narishi Gonohe, Victor Malgras, Ali Aldalbahi, Saad M Alshehri, Yuichiro Kamachi, Cuiling Li and Yusuke Yamauchi
Controllable assembly of silver nanoparticles induced by femtosecond laser direct writing Huan Wang, Sen Liu, Yong-Lai Zhang, Jian-Nan Wang, Lei Wang, Hong Xia, Qi-Dai Chen, Hong Ding and Hong-Bo Sun
Quick high-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous materials with 3D cubic structure for the adsorption of lysozyme Geoffrey Lawrence, Arun V Baskar, Mohammed H El-Newehy, Wang Soo Cha, Salem S Al-Deyab and Ajayan Vinu