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Complex Metallic Phases

by Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Guest Editors: An-Pang Tsai, Yuri Grin and Marc de Boissieu

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is pleased to present this 2014 focus issue on: Complex Metallic Phases.

We hope you will enjoy reading all the articles published in this issue.

Article TitleAuthor
Preface: Focus on complex metallic phasesAn-Pang Tsai, Yuri Grin & Marc de Boissieu
Foreword: Focus on complex metallic phasesDan Shechtman
Quasicrystal-reinforced Mg alloysYoung Kyun Kim, Won Tae Kim and Do Hyang Kim
Complex metallic alloys as new materials for additive manufacturingSamuel Kenzari, David Bonina, Jean Marie Dubois and Vincent Fournée
Surfaces of Al-based complex metallic alloys: atomic structure, thin film growth and reactivityJulian Ledieu, Émilie Gaudry and Vincent Fournée
Intermetallic compounds in heterogeneous catalysis—a quickly developing fieldMarc Armbrüster, Robert Schlögl and Yuri Grin
Photonic crystals, amorphous materials, and quasicrystalsKeiichi Edagawa
Magnetism in icosahedral quasicrystals: current status and open questionsAlan I Goldman
Metallic–covalent bonding conversion and thermoelectric properties of Al-based icosahedral quasicrystals and approximantsYoshiki Takagiwa and Kaoru Kimura
Tailoring microstructure of Mg–Zn–Y alloys with quasicrystal and related phases for high mechanical strengthAlok Singh
Activation of Al–Cu–Fe quasicrystalline surface: fabrication of a fine nanocomposite layer with high catalytic performanceSatoshi Kameoka, Toyokazu Tanabe, Futami Satoh, Masami Terauchi and An Pang Tsai
Deformation at ambient and high temperature of in situ Laves phases-ferrite compositesPatricia Donnadieu, Carsten Pohlmann, Sergio Scudino, Jean-Jacques Blandin, Kumar Babu Surreddi and Jürgen Eckert
Friction and solid-solid adhesion on complex metallic alloysJean-Marie Dubois and Esther Belin-Ferré
Very large thermal rectification in bulk composites consisting partly of icosahedral quasicrystalsTsunehiro Takeuchi