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Editor's Choice Collection 2020

By Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

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Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM) is the leading open access, international journal for outstanding research articles across all aspects of materials science. The journal covers a broad spectrum of materials science research including:

  • Functional materials,
  • Synthesis and processing,
  • Theoretical analyses,
  • Characterization and properties of materials.

Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary nature of materials science and issues at the forefront of the field, such as energy and environmental issues, as well as medical and bioengineering applications.

Of particular interest are research papers on the following topics:

  • Nanostructured/nanoscale materials and nanodevices
  • Biological, biomedical and bio-inspired materials, novel technologies for clinical and medical applications
  • Materials for energy and environment (including materials for environmental remediation, materials for power generation and storage, next generation photovoltaics, materials for low carbon, green infrastructure, etc).
Article Author
Micropillar compression deformation of single crystals of α-Nb5Si3 with the tetragonal D8l structure Kyosuke Kishida, Takuto Maruyam, Takayoshi Fukuyama & Haruyuki Inui
Materials informatics approach to understand aluminum alloys Ryo Tamura, Makoto Watanabe, Hiroaki Mamiya, Kota Washio, Masao Yano, Katsunori Danno, Akira Kato & Tetsuya Shoji
Molecular swarm robots: recent progress and future challenges Arif Md. Rashedul Kabir , Daisuke Inoue & Akira Kakugo
Predicting material properties by integrating high-throughput experiments, high-throughput ab-initio calculations, and machine learning Yuma Iwasaki, Masahiko Ishida & Masayuki Shirane
Progress on highly proton-conductive polymer thin films with organized structure and molecularly oriented structure Yuki Nagao
Building memory devices from biocomposite electronic materials Xuechao Xing, Meng Chen, Yue Gong, Ziyu Lv, Su-Ting Han & Ye Zhou

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials

A co-publication by the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) in Japan and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa).

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Publisher: tandf

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