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Voice and Speech Review

The Voice and Speech Review (VSR) is the official publication of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) and is published by Routledge Press (Taylor & Francis Group).

We solicit articles and essays that focus on voice and speech topics and training, particularly for the performing arts. The VSR welcomes peer reviewed articles from a broad array of voice-oriented subjects. We also welcome scholarly essays and interviews based on personal experience that are often practical notes from the field, as well as book and other resource reviews. The VSR prides itself on encouraging and supporting new and veteran scholars alike.

Enjoy the free articles featured below. To learn more about the journal visit www.vasta.org/voiceandspeechreview. Inquiries may be sent to vsr.editor@vasta.org.

Rockford Sansom, Editor-in-Chief

Read these articles free access exclusively from the page until 31/12/2019

Dudley Knight Award for Outstanding Vocal Scholarship Winners

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
Accent Modification, Voicework, and ALS: A Case Study in Prolonging the Ability to SpeakAndrea CabanVolume 12 Issue 2 (2018)
Coaching Asian Actors and Asian Accents with Cultural SensitivityJoy Lanceta CoronelVolume 12 Issue 2 (2018)
Performing Arts Training in the Age of #MeTooJennifer SpencerVolume 12 Issue 3 (2018)

Special Issue on “The History of Voice Pedagogy”

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
Theatre-Voice Pedagogy within the Royal Shakespeare Company: A Historical PerspectiveLyn DarnleyVolume 13 Issue 1 (2019)
A Historical View of the Pedagogy of Public SpeakingErika BaileyVolume 13 Issue 1 (2019)
Historical Landmarks in Singing Voice PedagogyMatthew HochVolume 13 Issue 1 (2019)

Highly Read Articles

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
Finding a Way: More Tales of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia in Psychophysical Actor TrainingDaron OramVolume 12 Issue 3 (2018)
The Story of the Australian VoiceMelissa AgnewVolume 12 Issue 3 (2018)
The Unspoken Voice and Speech Debate [or] the Sacred Cow in the ConservatoryRockford SansomVolume 10 Issue 3 (2016)
The Birth Process and Voice Training: The Glorious ChorusKris Danford & Jenny MerceinVolume 12 Issue 1 (2018)
The Whole of Humanity: Voice and Intracultural Theatre Practice Melissa Agnew & Kristine Landon-SmithVolume 10 Issue 1 (2016)

Editor’s Guide

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
A Guide to Publishing in the Voice and Speech ReviewRockford SansomVolume 12 Issue 1 (2018)

Voice and Speech Review

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