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Manuscript deadline
02 November 2020

Cover image - Journal of Lesbian Studies

Journal of Lesbian Studies

Special Issue Editor(s)

Esther Rothblum, San Diego State University
[email protected]

Nanette Gartrell, Williams Institute, UCLA and the University of Amsterdam
[email protected]

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Challenges and Dilemmas in Writing and Publishing about Lesbian Studies

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Challenges and Dilemmas in Writing and Publishing about Lesbian Studies

Editors: Esther Rothblum, Ph.D. and Nanette Gartrell, M.D.

One-page proposals due by July 31, 2020 to [email protected]

The Journal of Lesbian Studies is devoting a thematic issue to challenges and dilemmas in writing and publishing about lesbian studies. This can cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Issues in working and publishing collaboratively with co-authors, including dilemmas around authorship and issues about who “owns” the data
  • Comments by journal reviewers, editors, or publishers
  • Reactions by undergraduate or graduate school mentors, classmates, or thesis committee members
  • Reactions by hiring committees, colleagues, supervisors, granting agencies, or tenure committee members
  • Reactions by study participants, dilemmas in presenting quantitative and/or qualitative data, and challenges in making quotes/data anonymous
  • Challenges in publishing longitudinal research as terminology changes, participants’ gender and sexual identities change, etc.
  • Dilemmas in dealing with media reactions to the study or publication
  • Challenges in participating in research conducted and published by others

In certain cases authors can choose to use a pseudonym

Proposals will be evaluated for originality, diversity of content, and writing style, as well as how all the contributions fit together.

We hope you will consider writing about this important topic so that it receives attention from many perspectives.

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Submission Instructions

Submit the one-page proposal to [email protected] We will inform you if we would like your article submitted to the journal.

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