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Manuscript deadline
21 August 2020

Cover image - Health Care for Women International

Health Care for Women International

Special Issue Editor(s)

Sabrina Cherry, UNCW
[email protected]

Eleanor Krassen Covan, [email protected]

Elizabeth Fugate-Whitlock, UNCW
[email protected]

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Women’s health in the era of COVID-19

The Editors' objectives for the special issue are:

  • To provide theoretical, methodological and practice contributions to scientific literature on infectious diseases. Methodological contributions must provide evidence for reliability and validity of instruments to measure morbidity and mortality resulting from COVID19.
  • To analyze the impact of COVID19 on women around the world, and to disseminate strategies and policies designed to minimize negative consequences of illness. The work of authors who present international attempts to manage and disseminate data regarding COVID19, and/or evidence-based policies designed to promote women’s health in the era of COVID19 is requested.
  • To share research findings on women’s health and health care issues related to COVID 19 with the rest of the world, and
  • To improve research and scientific writing such that research findings are accessible to an audience of international and interdisciplinary scientists, scholars, and practitioners.

We welcome researchers who address issues of women health’s and health care in the in the era of COVID19 in fields of public health, epidemiology, social science, health care practice, and health care policy. Topics may include the extent to which gender predicts who gets sick and who gets treatment, cultural differences, alternative lifestyles, domestic violence, public health issues associated with the aging and comorbidity, maternal morbidity and mortality, infectious diseases, and a host of other gender-based ethical issues.

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Submission Instructions

Please follow directions on our website for the submission of articles for this special issue. In addition, please submit an abstract of no more than 150 words, by email to the Editor-in-Chief ([email protected]) alerting her of your submission of a manuscript to be considered for the special issue by July 1, 2020. The abstract should include your tentative title, author(s), intent to make a theoretical, methodological or practice contribution to international literature, brief description of research methods (design, participants, sampling, variable description), results and conclusion. Submission deadline for completed manuscripts is August 20, 2020. Peer review will begin as soon as manuscripts are received, to be completed by September 30, 2020. The special issue will be published as the December 2020 issue, Volume 41:12 of Health Care for Women International.

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