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Urban Water Journal

For a Special Issue on
Urban Water Management in Developing Countries

Manuscript deadline
30 September 2021

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Prof. Nilo Nascimento, Federal University of Minas G
[email protected]

Assoc. Prof. Juan Pablo Rodríguez, Universidad de los Andes
[email protected]

Prof. Neil Armitage, University of Cape Town
[email protected]

Dr. João P. Leitão, Eawag - Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
[email protected]

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Urban Water Management in Developing Countries

Integrated Urban Water Management is at the same time a challenge and an opportunity to achieve sustainable urban development. Urban water management in developing countries, in particular, is distinguished by a rich panorama of challenges, diversities, opportunities, and innovative solutions which, in many cases, are significantly different from the those of developed countries.

Different levels of urbanization and population growth; contrasting water availability conditions; a diversity of land use patterns from more formal developments to informal settlements which generally reflect unbalanced welfare distributions; climate extremes and the challenges of adaptation and risk management due to climate change; a rich experience on participatory processes in urban policy formulation and implementation including urban water management; and innovative technical and social solutions adapted to this diversity of contexts all contribute to making urban water management in developing countries a new and exciting space for research.

The UWJ Special Issue on Urban Water Management in Developing Countries will include scientific and technological contributions on topics such as:

  • Climate change predictions, impacts, prevention actions/policies/adaptation
  • Land use and socio-economic issues: characterization, planning, regulation and control, challenges
  • Technical solutions (BMPs, SuDS, LID, WSUD, Sponge Cities, Nature Based Solutions, Blue Green Solutions, urban streams, urban lakes, alternative water supply options, alternative sewage, promotion of the ‘circular economy principles applied to UWM ’, etc.): planning, implementation, monitoring, modelling, maintenance, funding and incentives, main challenges in implementing these solutions in emerging economies
  • Flood and drought management: modelling, forecasting, risk management, flood fighting, damage assessment, mitigation in emerging economies.
  • Institutional frameworks (institutions, legislation, land use policies etc.), developing countries specificities and main challenges
  • Specific problems of informal settlements
  • Participatory processes/decision making processes, urban water governance in developing countries
  • and other related topics

Submission Instructions

If you are interested in contributing with a paper to this Special Issue, please contact one of the guest editors.

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