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Plant Ecology & Diversity

For a Special Issue on

Urban Floras - a contribution to biodiversity

Manuscript deadline
29 February 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

John Grace, University of Edinburgh
[email protected]

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Urban Floras - a contribution to biodiversity

Call for Papers

This Special Issue will focus on the contribution made by plants to local and regional biodiversity.

Sections and topics:

Physical environment

The special features of urban environments (meteorology, hydrology, biogeochemistry, soils, climate change).

The urban plant species and the changing flora

Patterns and trends of abundance, traits of urban species (vascular plants and bryophytes), selection pressures and evolution processes, conservation/extinction. Invasions/ aliens, origins of the weeds. Pathways of dispersal and agents of dispersal.

Ecosystem issues

Plant-herbivore, plant-pathogen and plant-pollinator relationships, habitat creation, ecosystem services.

Management of urban vegetation for biodiversity

Impacts of cutting, mowing and planting. Increasing biodiversity in an urban context.

Submission Instructions

Manuscripts should be in the style of a scientific paper, fully referenced, and may concern data analysis, review of the literature or meta-analysis. Short contributions will also be considered.

The deadline for submission is 29th February 2024.

When submitting to ScholarOne you may have to register first. Please select the option for the Special Issue and say whether you want the paper to be published as ‘Open Access’ (in which case please note the charges). Publication is free if you do not want ‘Open Access’, although there will be charges for Figures in colour.

The expected publication date is July 2024.

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