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Twenty-first century hydrological challenges and opportunities in Africa

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30 November 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Stacey Archfield, US Geological Survey, VA, USA
[email protected]

Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema, WaterNet, North-West University, South Africa
[email protected]

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Twenty-first century hydrological challenges and opportunities in Africa

Africa is endowed with vast surface water and groundwater resources. However, several issues, including climate change, population growth, land use and land cover change, have presented numerous hydrological challenges with consequences for livelihoods, socio-economic development and the environment. There is strong evidence that changes in the hydrological cycle have occurred and will continue to do so in the future. The impacts of these include altered precipitation patterns, rising temperatures and multiplication of extreme weather events, thereby increasing water scarcity, pollution of water resources and uneven distribution of water availability. These changes have profound implications for water supply, agriculture, ecosystems and public health, necessitating a deeper understanding of Africa's hydrological systems. The Twenty-first century hydrological challenges and opportunities in Africa Special Issue offers a platform for experts in hydrology, hydrogeology, climate science, water resources governance and related fields to share their expertise and latest discoveries on the topic across the African continent. This inaugural Africa Special Issue is not only an opportunity to highlight pressing challenges but also a platform to showcase innovative solutions and success stories from the African continent. With this Special Issue, we aim to inspire collaborative efforts and promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge and best practice among the African regions and wider global hydrological community.


  • To identify and promote sustainable water management practices and strategies that address water scarcity, ensure equitable access to water resources and protect ecosystems in Africa.
  • To share insights into surface and groundwater interactions and their impacts on society in relation to natural and anthropogenic factors.
  • To explore improved scientific approaches to managing data scarcity in light of increased competition for water.
  • To provide valuable insights and knowledge to policymakers, water managers and stakeholders, enabling evidence-based decision-making and the formulation of effective water-related policies and interventions in Africa at national and transboundary scales.
  • To share scientific experience on the impacts of climate change on Africa's hydrological systems, including altered precipitation patterns, increased frequency of extreme weather events and variation in nutrient fluxes.

Guest editors:

Bertil Nlend
Affiliation: University of Douala, Cameroon
Email: [email protected]

Afua Owusu
Affiliation: IWMI, Ghana
Email: [email protected]

Hodson Makurira
Affiliation: University of Zimbabwe
Email: [email protected]

Moctar Dembélé
Affiliation: IWMI, Ghana
Email: [email protected]

Ernest Amoussou
Affiliation: Laboratory of Climatology, Benin
Email: [email protected]

Daniel Olago
Affiliation: University of Nairobi
Email: [email protected]

Emmanuel Obuobie
Affiliation: CSIR-Water Research Institute, Ghana
Email: [email protected]

Submission Instructions

Special Issue contributions that are sought include:

Original research articles, reviews, case studies and perspectives on policy and management are invited on topics including but not limited to:

  • Hydro-climatic modelling and forecasting in African river basins.
  • Water scarcity and management strategies in arid and semi-arid regions.
  • Groundwater resilience, sustainability and governance.
  • Monitoring hydrological changes in ungauged catchments.
  • Remote sensing and GIS applications in hydrology in Africa.
  • Extreme hydro-climatic events and their influence on African water resources.
  • Water quality and pollution of African water resources.
  • Contribution of indigenous knowledge in hydrological sciences in Africa.
  • Water governance and economics related to climate change impacts in hydrology.
  • Irrigation and agricultural systems.
  • Water–food–energy nexus.
  • Water-related conflicts.
  • Climate change impacts on African hydrological regimes and riverine ecosystems, including adaptation strategies.
  • Synthesis of work done in Africa in relation to previous IAHS decades.

When submitting your manuscript, please select the Special Issue: Twenty-first century hydrological challenges and opportunities in Africa.

Accepted papers will be assigned to regular issues as they are published and will also form a bespoke 'Collection'.

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