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Manuscript deadline
15 June 2021

Cover image - Asian Journal of Political Science

Asian Journal of Political Science

Special Issue Editor(s)

Dr Wang Ting-Yan, Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
[email protected]

Tan Lark Sye, Chair Professor and Director, Nanyang Centre for Public Administration, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Transnational Policy Transfer and Good Governance in the Global South: Comparative Experiences, New Challenges, and Future Opportunities

Transnational knowledge transfer has long been a global phenomenon. Learning from the experiences of others is increasingly influenced by cross-border and global connections between people, organizations, and regions to find solutions for shared problems. A typical example is the long-standing policy transfer and exchange relationship between Singapore and China, with the latter benefited from learning the experience of the former in the areas of public governance, economic development, and social management since the 1980s. Now China in turn becomes another source of learning and policy transfer. Some developing countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia have shown a keen interest in learning its economic development experience, though the applicability of the China model has been subject to intensive debates.

While globalization has provided substantial benefits to the world, it has also led to increasing challenges including growing popularism and inequality. The global Covid-19 pandemic has seriously impacted upon society, economies, and politics of every country on the planet. In response, many countries and international organizations made efforts in sharing innovative and effective governance methods and tools to deal with the challenges. The conventional learning source—countries in the North such as the USA and European countries—surprised people this time by their poor performance in controlling the pandemic and reviving the economy.  By contrast, some Asian economies such as China and Singapore, have managed much more effectively in the pandemic control and economic recovery.

This special issue chooses the Global South to highlight the increasing exchanges between countries in the non-western nations and the ensuing departure from one-way flow of knowledge transfer (from North to South) that has dominated development cooperation discourse since the end of World War II. In the special issue aims to critically engage the following questions:

Research Questions

  1. Is there indeed a sustained shift of transnational policy transfer trajectories from North-to-South to South-to-South or even South-to-North? If so, what are the variations and similarities of these trajectories? What are the implications of these emerging phenomena for the international political economy?
  2. What lessons can we learn from the policy transfer among countries in the Global South? What is the significance of these lessons and non-Western experiences for social science theorization that has been predominately based upon the Western experiences?
  3. What are the features and future trends of transnational policy transfer in the new era of globalization, anti-globalization, the rise of Asia, and growing confrontations between the US and China?

Scholars who are interested in the topics and questions mentioned above are welcome to submit their manuscripts for the special issue.

Potential themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Case studies of policy transfer in the Global South and its implications;
  • Comparative studies of policy transfer experiences in different non-Western nations and/or different sectors;
  • Relationship between transnational policy transfer and the international political economy;
  • Relationship between transnational policy transfer and governance innovation in the Global South;
  • New challenges of governance in Asia, the Global South, or globally;
  • Policy transfer, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and economy upgrading;
  • Transnational transfer of policy, technology, or strategies to address Covid-19 among countries in the Global South and implications

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Submission Instructions


  • Submission of final Special Issue proposal to journal editors, Ting-Yan Wang, [email protected]: 20 April. 2021
  • Submission of draft papers to guest editors: 15 June 2021
  • Submission of papers to AJPS for review: 31 July 2021
  • Revision: 1 Aug - 1 Oct. 2021
  • If accepted, submission of final version to AJPS: 1 Nov. 2021

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