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Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

For a Special Issue on
Theoretical Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Research

Manuscript deadline
01 November 2021

Cover image - Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

Special Issue Editor(s)

Amy Pennay, Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, La Trobe University, Australia
[email protected]

Cameron Duff, Future Social Services Institute, College of Business and Law, RMIT University, Australia
[email protected]

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Theoretical Approaches for Alcohol and Drug Research

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) research is uniquely multidisciplinary, with significant contributions from fields such as psychology, public health, sociology, criminology, anthropology, science and technology studies, youth studies, history, policy, epidemiology and human geography. By nature, this also means that AOD research is theoretically and epistemologically diverse. Theoretically informed AOD research can draw on, and further ideas from, particular fields – for example, theories that focus on social practices, recovery processes, cognitions or assemblages. Important theoretical developments specific to the AOD field (e.g., the normalisation thesis, the risk environment framework, and the theory of collectivity), have also been important for advancing theorisation of alcohol and drug use.

This special issue aims to foreground theoretical approaches to studying AOD use.

Manuscripts are encouraged that examine a particular theoretical approach, and make the case for its usefulness in extending and furthering understandings of AOD use. Manuscripts can incorporate newly collected empirical data, but this is not a requirement. We encourage manuscripts from a range of disciplines and epistemologies, as well as those that are suited to both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. We hope to include a variety of different types of articles, and we encourage submissions from a diverse range of authors, i.e., more experienced and junior researchers and researchers from developing and developed countries. We welcome manuscripts that address:

  • New theoretical developments advancing our understanding of AOD use
  • Critiques of existing theories in the field
  • Debating multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in AOD research
  • Challenges in theorizing in a broad and methodologically diverse field
  • Forging new interdisciplinary approaches in AOD research

Submission Instructions

The abstracts (no longer than 500 words) shall be emailed to [email protected] before May 3, 2021. The email title should read ‘DEPP: Special Issue – Theoretical’. The abstracts will be accepted by the editors by May 17, 2021. If selected, the full manuscripts will be due on November 1, 2021. Submissions will undergo the standard DEPP peer review procedure. All accepted papers will be published in early online mode immediately after acceptance. Select "Theoretical Approaches for AOD Research” when submitting your paper to ScholarOne.

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