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Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice

For a Special Issue on
Textiles: Creating Health and Wellbeing

Manuscript deadline
28 January 2022

Cover image - Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice

Special Issue Editor(s)

Susanne Goetz, Professor at Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY), NYC, USA
[email protected]

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Textiles: Creating Health and Wellbeing

The editors of the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice and guest editor Susanne Goetz would like to invite submissions for a special issue - Textiles: Creating Health and Wellbeing 

Call Themes 

1. The positive impact of making 

2. Textile communities: social, activist, and entrepreneurial 

3. Emerging materials and processes: Sustainable textile practices for health and wellbeing 

In this special issue, we aim to examine textile practice through the lens of health and wellbeing from societal, material, emotional and neurological perspectives. The worldwide impact of Covid-19 has shifted our focus on health and highlighted the need for connection, community and self-care. Concurrently, biomedical research has dramatically impacted global wellness through worldwide efforts. When suddenly, the future felt uncertain and out of control, many turned to creating and crafting for personal fulfilment, to reduce depression and anxiety, and to help with processing grief. Sharing processes and outcomes creates communities and a sense of belonging. The tactility of textiles and making dexterity contrasts and brings balance to operating in the digital realm. While these features have long been present in textile practice, the positive emotional and neurological impacts deserve attention and broader examination through research. 

The journal invites submission which explore the following themes and sub-themes. 

The impact of making 

  • Craft practice as an agent for health and wellbeing 
  • Making as a strategy for self-care 
  • Textile practice and the meditative mind state 
  • Textile pedagogy 

Textile communities: social, activist, and entrepreneurial 

  • Communities that foster well-being through textile practice, social interaction, cohesion, and skill exchange 
  • Creativity with a purpose: social enterprises creating innovative, social value in the non-profit, commercial, or government sectors. 
  • The positive impact of textile and craft activism 
  • New approaches towards ethical and responsible design practice 

Emerging materials and processes: Sustainable practices for health and wellbeing 

  • Textile materials and processes designed for medical and therapeutic applications 
  • The neurological benefits of textile practice on mental health and cognitive skills 
  • Textile practice in trauma therapy 
  • Sustainable textiles with a positive impact on people and the environment 
  • Emerging materials 
  • Textile healing spaces 

Submission Instructions

How to Submit

Submissions can take one of the following forms and you should consult the instructions for authors page in preparing your submission.

  • Academic research papers (approximately 5,000 – 8,000) words;
  • Practitioner interviews or studies (approximately 6,000) words;
  • Position papers and reports of research currently in progress (approximately 3,000 words);
  • Book and exhibition reviews (approximately 500 – 2,000 words)

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