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Behaviour & Information Technology

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Symbiotic AI: Bridging Human-AI Empowerment through Innovative Interfaces and Interaction Designs

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14 June 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Tania Di Mascio, University of L’Aquila
[email protected]

Rosa Lanzilotti, University of Bari
[email protected]

Lucio Davide Spano, University of Cagliari
[email protected]

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Symbiotic AI: Bridging Human-AI Empowerment through Innovative Interfaces and Interaction Designs

In a contemporary landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) significantly impacts our daily life, presenting advantages while introducing at the same time challenges such bias, trust issues and concerns about privacy. Addressing these challenges prompts new research initiatives that pivot from an algorithm-centric perspective to a human-centric perspective to one centered on human experience. This shift necessitates the application of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) strategies emphasising iterative design and testing.

Key concepts like Human-Based Computation (HBC) and Augmented Intelligence underscore the significance of fostering symbiotic relationships between humans and machines. This entails collaborative efforts, where both humans and AI contribute to a shared common goal. This collaborative philosophy is ensured by Symbiotic Artificial Intelligence (SAI), which seeks to enhance human-machine collaboration by augmenting human cognitive abilities rather than substituting them. Adhering to the principles of SAI, AI systems should be designed according to a human-centered approach, as developed within the HCI community, to foster human-AI symbiosis.

This special issue is centered on human empowerment through AI-Enhanced interactions, by investigating the intersection, integration, fusion, convergence and blending of HCI methodologies and AI-based techniques, in order to develop AI-driven interfaces and interactions prioritizing user empowerment within the context of Symbiotic AI.

We solicit contributions on methods, approaches, and systems that bridge the gap between human and AI, as well as innovative AI-based interfaces and interactions that empower humans. Additionally, we look for insights into both good and bad practices in applying AI to human interaction. We are particularly interested in submissions that showcase AI-driven interfaces and interaction designs that empower users. Additionally, we welcome contributions that provide insights into both successful and challenging experiences in implementing AI in user interactions.

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  • Submission Deadline: June 14
  • First Notification: August 1
  • Revised Version: October 1
  • Final Notification: November 1

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