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Architectural Engineering and Design Management

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Sustainable reuse of materials and components within digital built environment: smart technologies and practices

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31 December 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Marzia Bolpagni, Northumbria University / Mace
[email protected]

Diogo Ribeiro, Polytechnic of Porto - School of Engineering
[email protected]

Rui Gavina, Europe Foundation Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI)
[email protected]

Zhenan Feng, School of Built Environment, College of Sciences, Massey University
[email protected]

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Sustainable reuse of materials and components within digital built environment: smart technologies and practices

Digital built environment refers to the use of advanced and smart technologies and methodologies to design, construct, and manage buildings, infrastructure, and urban environments. Digital solutions are a key factor in interconnecting information between the physical built environment and the digital virtual ecosystem. The most advanced virtual ecosystems allow to simulate the built to enable a real-time data-driven decision-making. Also, a wide range of new skills and competences are required to enable construction professionals to leverage the power of digital solutions enhancing the project outcomes, particularly reducing costs, and promoting efficiency and sustainability. This Special Issue aims to provide a comprehensive overview of digital built environment by bringing together the latest knowledge related to both advanced technologies and methodologies, as well as the non-technical aspects of soft-skills and education with focus to sustainable reuse of materials and building components.

Submission Instructions

The authors are invited to submit papers with recent research, advances, and applications in the field of digital innovations for the built environment, including connection with industry and education with focus sustainable reuse of materials and building components. Expected papers will cover various topics related but not limited to:

  • Big data: GIS, IoT, sensors, cloud computing.
  • Computational design: data-driven, generative and performance-based design.
  • Data analytics: artificial intelligence, machine/deep learning.
  • Health and safety: mobile and wearable devices, QR codes, RFID.
  • Extended reality: augmented, virtual and mixed reality.
  • Industrialization: digital fabrication, modularization, cobotics, lean.
  • Interactive and adaptive architecture.
  • Interoperability: building/city information modeling.
  • Material innovations: bio-inspired, nano and recycled materials.
  • Quality and project management, business models, legal prospective.
  • Reality capture: computer vision, photogrammetry, laser scanning, drones.
  • Risk and disaster management.
  • Simulation and analysis: digital twins, virtual cities.
  • Smart transactions, cybersecurity, gamification, blockchain.
  • Sustainability and circular building economy.

Please provide an abstract of the manuscript for validation before submitting to the ScholarOne website of the Journal. The abstracts should be addressed to the Special Issue Editors (Marzia Bolpagni and Diogo Ribeiro).

Deadline for submissions: December, 31st 2024

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