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Sustainable Development in a Changing Era: China and the World

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30 April 2024

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Lucie Maruejols, University of Kiel
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Xiaohua Yu, University of Göttingen
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Shaojie Zhou, Tsinghua University
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Sustainable Development in a Changing Era: China and the World

Economic development in China and the world faces many challenges, including: COVID-19, conflicts, climate change, currency inflation and aging populations. After the 20th Party Congress in October 2022, China is shifting many of its policies to address these challenges and to adopt to a changing global environment. China occupies a leading role in the world and thereby has a strong effect on other countries in their sustainability transformation process, yet alone through its economic preponderance and interconnectivity. Chinas leading role in sustainable transformation and sustainable consequently represents a relevant field of research. In this era of change, sustainable development is critical as it provides a framework to meet the needs of the present generation while preserving future generations` ability to meet their own. With a rapidly growing global population and increasing demand for natural resources, it is imperative to balance economic, social, and environmental considerations to ensure a stable and prosperous future for all. By tackling issues such as climate change, poverty, and inequality, sustainable development can foster a more resilient and equitable society.

As we navigate a changing era characterized by technological advances like artificial intelligence, globalization, and shifting demographics, sustainable development is becoming more relevant as a guide for policy-making,  business practices as well as social interaction, both on a national and a global level. It encourages innovation and collaboration, and advocates for responsible resource management and inclusive growth. Ultimately, sustainable development provides a pathway to a better future that is both prosperous and equitable, while ensuring that our planet can continue to support life for generations to come.

Though this is a special issue for the 2023 annual conference held at University of Göttingen in Germany, any paper with related this topic is welcome.