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Sustainability Challenges in the Arctic: Exploring Land Use Changes and Their Impacts

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01 November 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Ivana Zivojinovic, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria
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Pasi Rautio, Natural Resources Institute, Finland
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Jerbelle Elomina, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria
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Sustainability Challenges in the Arctic: Exploring Land Use Changes and Their Impacts

The Arctic is often viewed as a pristine environment dominated by wilderness with limited human impact. However, in reality, the Arctic is experiencing growing activity in various sectors, including industries that rely on the modification or extraction of arctic natural resources. These industries play a crucial role in the development of the Arctic, but their exploitation must be approached with great caution due to the vulnerability of Arctic ecosystems. The social and cultural impacts of growing industrial activity are also important to consider, as the Arctic is home to unique livelihoods of local and indigenous communities that are particularly sensitive to ongoing environmental changes. Therefore, a more holistic and sustainable approach to the planning and development of these industries demands a ‘glocal’ approach, one that encompasses the effects both of global drivers, and local adaptations.

Land-use science is critical for understanding and potentially solving these sustainability challenges. It contributes to better understanding of human-environment interactions across different spatial and temporal scales, and outlines more effective pathways towards sustainable resource use. Land-use science, also known as land-change science or land-system science, is the study of changes in land at the interface of social and environmental systems and their implications for the global environment. This field has emerged as a central component of sustainability science and encompasses great methodological diversity, offering the opportunity to foster and enhance interdisciplinarity.

Therefore, we welcome paper contributions in the form of literature reviews, empirical research, or conceptual/theoretical works on land use changes and environmental challenges in the Arctic, through various qualitative and quantitative approaches. The aim of this special issue is to collect multidisciplinary studies that develop research-led, practice-based solutions to address the urgent challenges faced in the Arctic.

We welcome articles  that focus on:

  1. Various global drivers influencing the future of the Arctic
  2. Different kinds of global actors in the Arctic and their social, economic, and environmental responsibilities
  3. Environmental and socioeconomic impacts of current industrial activities in the Arctic
  4. Land use conflicts and different value systems shaping the Arctic's future
  5. Predicted changes in activities resulting from adaptive responses to climate change
  6. Future solution driven scenarios for the development in the Arctic

Submission Instructions

For the preparation of your manuscript, which should be of high quality and should not exceed 8,000 words, please use the guide for authors provided on the journal’s website.

When submitting, please select Special Issue paper as ‘Manuscript type’, and upon the question ‘Is your paper candidate for a Special Issue’ please click Yes and select 'Sustainability Challenges in the Arctic: Exploring Land Use Changes and Their Impacts' in the drop-down list.

All types of manuscripts are welcome to be submitted to this special issue, including original research articles, review articles and debates papers.

The intended publication date for this special issue is August/September 2024.

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