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Journal of Applied Statistics

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Call for Statistical Software Application Notes

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01 September 2024

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Prof. Jie Chen, Augusta University, USA
[email protected]

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Call for Statistical Software Application Notes

Journal of Applied Statistics now welcomes statistical software or software package papers (written in R, Python, or other software tools) as Application Notes.

The software needs to  be developed to implement a new statistical method, or to provide innovative application of existing statistical method(s) that have not been implemented as software, or to be a substantial improvement on current statistical software.

Submission Instructions

A software paper should be no more than fifteen (15) manuscript pages and can be submitted in Word or LaTeX format. Please include a PDF file if you submit your paper in LaTeX.

Please ensure upon the first "Submission Creation" step in the Submission Portal that you select the "Application Note" article type.

All software papers should be prepared in line with the following guidelines:

Introduction: Please present the demand for such software using one or two current data challenges and include relevant data in the Introduction section.

Methodology: Present a new, modified or existing method based on which you have an innovative idea to develop the proposed statistical software.

Application of your software: Present application of the proposed software to solve the data challenges presented in the Introduction section.

Simulation Studies should be conducted to illustrate that the proposed software can be used for similarly structured data.

Conclusion and Discussion: Present the conclusion and discussion of your work.

Online Supplemental Material: Provide a detailed manual of your software as an Online Supplemental Material and submit it along with your Software paper for peer-review. The manual should illustrate all functionalities of the software on an example data set (in addition to the data set used in your software paper).

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