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Quality Engineering

For a Special Issue on
Statistical Engineering 2022: Retrospective and New Directions

Manuscript deadline
01 June 2022

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Roger Hoerl, Union College
[email protected]

Ronald Snee, Snee Associates, LLC
[email protected]

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Statistical Engineering 2022: Retrospective and New Directions

In 2012, Quality Engineering published a special edition on the emerging discipline of statistical engineering (https://www.tandfonline.com/toc/lqen20/24/2). Much has transpired in the further development of statistical engineering since 2012, including the creation of a new professional society, the International Statistical Engineering Association, or ISEA (https://isea-change.org/), and the publication by ISEA of the Statistical Engineering Handbook, available in the members-only section of the ISEA website.

Quality Engineering has decided to publish another special edition on statistical engineering in the fall of 2022, to mark the ten-year anniversary of the original special edition on this topic. We are issuing a call for papers to be considered for this special edition, which will need to be submitted to Quality Engineering online between November 1, 2021, and June 1, 2022.

Because statistical engineering is a unique discipline from applied statistics, we encourage those considering submissions to read the 2012 special edition, and at least Chapter 1 (Introduction) of the Statistical Engineering Handbook, to obtain a better understanding of this uniqueness. Reviewers will be looking for evidence of some (not all) of the following core aspects of statistical engineering:

  • Sequential approaches, versus “one-shot” studies
  • Addressing large, complex, unstructured problems (for example, those too large to be addressed with traditional Lean Six Sigma projects)
  • Discussion of the difficult tasks of problem structuring and developing deep understanding of the historical context of problems
  • Utilization of multiple methods, including non-statistical methods
  • Development of an overall strategy for attacking large problems
  • Incorporation of subject-matter knowledge into the problem strategy and solution
  • Deployment of sustainable solutions
  • Consideration of the pedigree of data analyzed
  • Utilization of the major phases of statistical engineering, as explained in Chapter 1 of the Handbook

Submission Instructions

We are looking for diverse types of submissions, including the following:

  • Case studies involving “end-to-end” applications, i.e., addressing problem identification through deployment of a sustainable solution.
  • Expository articles on addressing large, complex, unstructured problems.
  • Methodological articles involving integration of multiple techniques and or disciplines.
  • Methodological articles on effective approaches to problem identification, structuring, and understanding problem context.
  • Articles delving into how to best conduct individual phases of statistical engineering projects, including tool selection.
  • Expository papers comparing and contrasting statistical engineering with other analytics-based approaches.
  • Literature reviews of statistical engineering.

Conversely, papers involving the theory or application of individual statistical methods would be better suited for regular submission to Quality Engineering.

When submitting papers for the special edition, make sure to select “special edition on statistical engineering” from the drop-down box on the Quality Engineering website. Contact the editor, David Edwards ([email protected]), or the co-editors of the special edition, Roger Hoerl ([email protected]) and Ron Snee ([email protected]), with further questions.

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