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Abstract deadline
30 December 2020

Manuscript deadline
01 May 2021

Cover image - Sport in Society

Sport in Society

Special Issue Editor(s)

Susanna Hedenborg, Malmö University
[email protected]

Daniel Svensson, Malmö University
[email protected]

Aage Radmann, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
[email protected]

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Global Challenges and Innovations in Sport – Effects of The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Sport

The new coronavirus disease is affecting countries globally in many respects. It changes the possibilities and navigation of everyday life activities, it jeopardizes livelihoods both financially and literally. As globalization is nearly approaching a stand-still, the potential consequences on both individual countries and the global economy are forecasted to be dire. The unprecedented and serious situation raises many questions for the sports sector, since sport, exercise, and physical activity on all levels have been severely affected during the pandemic. Concurrently, the insecure status quo of the worldwide sporting community urgently calls for research on both current effects and long-term implications of COVID-19. While some tendencies and trends within sport may be accelerated due to the pandemic and the restrictions related to it, others significant aspects might be slower or even disrupted. Some sports, especially those taking place outdoors, have been able to carry on seemingly unchanged in some countries, while other disciplines have had to either relocate their activities or cancel. In the end, some corona-related changes might be beneficiary to some sport societies, while creating severe challenges to others, enforcing a need to adapt in dramatic ways. The call for this special issue of SPORT IN SOCIETY asks sport-focused scholars to contribute with theoretically informed, empirically robust and policy relevant articles on the effects of COVID-19 on sports on macro, mezzo and micro levels globally.

Specific areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Effects of COVID-19 on athletes, exercisers, spectators, fans, coaches, organizations and other actors in sports globally
  • Consequences of COVID-19 in relation to e.g. gender, ethnicity, age, class in different countries
  • COVID-19 and the urban/rural geographies of sports
  • Short/long-term effects of COVID-19 in different sports, in relation to e.g. training and events and geographic locations
  • Effects of COVID-19 on trends such as digitalization, sportification and indoorification
  • How do exercisers/fitness professionals show agency? Is there discontent within sport clubs and gyms? (to which extent are measurements accepted/followed?)
  • Which lasting effects could the corona crisis and social distancing have on fitness and sport culture globally?
  • How has the organization of a country's sports influenced proposals for solutions and what analyzes can be made?
  • How has covid 19 affected different people's attitudes towards elite sports - have elite sports become more or less important in people's lives?

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