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Sport Marketing in an Era of Sustainability

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31 May 2024

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Dr Argyro Elisavet Manoli, University of Bergamo
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Sport Marketing in an Era of Sustainability

The global landscape of sport is undergoing a transformative shift as sustainability becomes a central focus in both societal consciousness and business strategies. The Triple Bottom Line framework, introduced by Elkington (1998), encompassing economic, social, and environmental dimensions, has emerged as a guiding principle for organisations aiming to create lasting value while addressing pressing global challenges (e.g., Fauzi et al., 2010; Khan et al., 2021). The integration of sustainability principles, encapsulated within the triple bottom line framework, presents an unparalleled opportunity to reshape the sport marketing landscape and align it with societal and business demands of this era.

Such a call for the integration of sustainability principles in sport has been gradually gaining momentum, for example, in the organisation and management of (mega) sport events, their practices, and the potential they have in leveraging wider change (Wise, 2020; Fairley et al., 2011; O'Brien & Chalip, 2007). Sport clubs have been also praised and at the same time pressured for the role they can play in promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability to their fans and the wider community (Cayolla et al., 2023; Greenhalgh & Drayer, 2020), while underlining that fans themselves can be considered a driving force of the further integration and promotion of sustainability practices in and through sport. While such explorations of economic, social, and environmental sustainability practices in sport have begun, it can be argued that there is more to uncover not only in the impacts sport organisations have on these dimensions which can (or should) influence their strategic decision-making moving forward, but also in the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in order to lead to stronger relationships with fans, sponsors, and other stakeholders, and ultimately achieve long-term sustainable growth (Manoli, 2022). After all, the sport industry, and the key role that strategic marketing plays within it, have been long praised for their ability and significant potential to assist organisations achieve a balanced and sustainable business model to success (Manoli, 2018).

This special issue of the Journal of Strategic Marketing aims to explore the dynamic interplay between sport marketing strategies and the triple bottom line view of sustainability, shedding light on innovative approaches, challenges, and transformative potentials in the world of sport and beyond. We therefore invite scholars, researchers, practitioners, and thought leaders in the fields of sport management, marketing, and sustainability to contribute to a special issue titled "Sport Marketing in an Era of Sustainability".

Topics of Interest: Papers submitted to this special issue may delve into, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • Economic Viability - how sport marketing strategies can drive revenue growth while simultaneously contributing to sustainable economic development within communities.
  • Social Equity and Inclusion - sport marketing initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and their impact on fostering social cohesion and positive societal change.
  • Environmental Stewardship - how sport marketing practices can minimise environmental impact, such as reducing carbon footprints, waste reduction, and utilising sustainable sourcing.
  • Stakeholder Engagement - how sport marketing campaigns can engage various stakeholders, including fans, sponsors, and local communities, to promote sustainability awareness and action.
  • Ethical Consumer Behaviour - how consumer behaviour in sport aligns with ethical and sustainable considerations, and the implications for brand loyalty and reputation.
  • Innovative Communication Strategies - novel ways to communicate sustainability initiatives within the sports industry, leveraging the triple bottom line framework for impactful storytelling.
  • Policy Influence and Advocacy - the role of sport marketing in advocating for policies that align with sustainability principles and contribute to positive social and environmental change.
  • Measuring Triple Bottom Line Impact – how to develop comprehensive metrics and evaluation frameworks to assess the holistic impact of sport marketing efforts on the triple bottom line dimensions.

Submission Guidelines: Manuscripts should be submitted through the Journal of Strategic Marketing online submission system before May 31st 2024. Authors should follow the journal's formatting guidelines.

Submission Deadline: 31st May 2024

Guest Editor: Dr. Argyro Elisavet Manoli, Associate Professor, University of Bergamo, Italy.

Contact Information: For inquiries regarding this special issue, please contact Dr. Argyro Elisavet Manoli ([email protected])