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Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community

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Equity Reforms in Policy

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30 December 2023

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19 January 2024

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Special Issue Editor(s)

Jaimelee Behrendt-Mihalski, National Louis University
[email protected]

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Equity Reforms in Policy

The Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community (JPIC) cordially invites you to submit an abstract for inclusion in our themed issue on “Equity Reforms in Policy.” JPIC, in print since 1995, provides professionals with up-to-date information on effective programs for community intervention and prevention. With an emphasis on equity and community wellness, JPIC is of interest to community-engaged researchers, practitioners in the fields of health, education, behavioral and social sciences, those involved in partnerships that span diverse localities and community spaces. The journal invites contributions from researchers, practitioners, and community-university partnerships using critical and participatory methods to change policies, practices, and the allocation of resources across settings and those that improve well-being quite broadly.

In recent years, there has been much needed attention and effort toward promoting equity, reducing disparities, and dismantling systems of oppression (e.g., García-Ramírez, Balcázar, & de Freitas, 2014; McCarty, Liskey, George, Cook, & Metzl, 2023; Suarez-Balcazar, Francisco, & Rubén Chávez, 2020; Prilleltensky & Nelson, 1997). Reforms have occurred at various levels—from federal public policy that reshapes public safety to organizational policy that foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace or shifts in service provision to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities. For instance, in the United States, a recent executive order signed by President Joe Biden increases supports and services for underserved communities to promote equity in access to federal policies, programs, and activities (White House, 2023). Globally, the United Nations is promoting policies to increase income growth of the bottom 40% of the population (UN Women, nd). Other equity-based reforms include creating policies that reduce the opportunity gap and promote equitable achievement in school districts across the United States and the world. Juvenile courts have also implemented policies to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in system representation as well as increase equitable treatment and outcomes for youth. A multitude of organizations have amended their workplace policies to promote inclusion and belonging. Considering the major shifts in policy to promote equity, there has also been a tremendous amount of research aimed at understanding the public response and effects of these reforms.

This call for abstracts solicits original research (critical quantitative, qualitative, and transformative mixed methods) that attends to equity reforms in policy, such as education, public safety, medicine, social services, and employment practices, among other areas. We invite international scholars and practitioners to submit abstracts for their original research.

Submission Instructions

As a first step, we invite one-to-two page proposals summarizing a pertinent research project. In the proposal, please include information related to status of the research (e.g., IRB submitted, data collected). Proposals should be submitted to [email protected] (type “JPIC Equity Reforms in Policy Issue” in subject line) by December 30, 2023. Authors of selected proposals will be notified by October 20, 2023. Final manuscripts to be considered for the special issue are due by January 19, 2024. All manuscripts will be screened by the Guest Editor, and manuscripts that meet guidelines will undergo rigorous blind review by two anonymous referees.

For questions about the special issue, please contact Guest Editor Dr. Jaimelee Behrendt-Mihalski at [email protected]. Inquiries about the journal can be directed to Editor-in-Chief Dr. Judah Viola ([email protected]).

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