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Manuscript deadline
15 May 2021

Cover image - South Asian Review

South Asian Review

Special Issue Editor(s)

Nyla Ali Khan, Rose State College
[email protected]

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"Writing about Kashmir"

Guest Editor: Dr. Nyla Ali Khan

Writing about Kashmir, while being either in South Asia or in the diaspora in the West, gives us the chance to revisit the historical events, cultural traditions, literary traditions, political awakenings, religious discourses, and identity politics of the past, some of which have spilled into the present in distorted, revisionist, reinterpreted, or statist forms.

In this special issue, we aim to make more layered the understanding of readers vis-à-vis the once paradisiacal, now dismal land of my childhood, my dreams, and my political and spiritual awakening. We invite articles that disavow insulated discourses about political, historical, religious, cultural, and social discourses and events that we can theorize, debate, and intellectually engage with. Some contributors/ scholars might have the visceral connections that their work can legitimately claim.

Any attempt to homogenize Kashmiri society or the politico-cultural discourse on Kashmir would be a dangerously flawed exercise.To that end, we invite interdisciplinary articles that address various aspects of political, cultural, and socioeconomic life in Kashmir. Our attempt is not to propound a particularistic political and cultural ideology, but to highlight the nuanced opinions of scholars. It is our sincere hope that readers of the special issue will take the opportunity to engage with multiple subjectivities, historical understandings, and political opinions.

The debate among political thinkers, scholars, and policy makers about finding viable ways to do justice marginalized ethnic minorities in Jammu and Kashmir has seemed infinite. Which is the most viable solution to the Kashmir conflict?

This special issue is an unpretentious attempt to shape a much needed discourse on Kashmir that might dismantle the status quo but, more importantly, underscores the need to create democratic spaces and revivify the much neglected role of civil society in the State.

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Submission Instructions

Please send 250 word abstracts along with a short CV to Dr. Nyla Ali Khan ([email protected]) by Dec. 1, 2020. Dr. Khan will make a selection from these abstracts. Full papers (6000 words) in length will be due by May 15, 2021. Please submit full papers via the journal portal below. The papers will first be reviewed by the guest editor and will then be sent out for anonymous peer review. The anticipated publication date of the special issue is 2022.

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